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Who Knew @SenRandPaul Was Japanese?

21 May 2015 @ 10:47

I mean, after all, he seems to be very good at producing and performing a Kabuki Dance…

From The Weekly Standard, Michale Warren reporting, we learn [emphasis mine]:

On Wednesday afternoon Kentucky senator Rand Paul, a Republican presidential candidate, began what he’s calling a filibuster of the Senate’s renewal of the PATRIOT Act….

Paul is in opposition to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, another Kentucky Republican who is supporting Paul’s bid for president. McConnell supports the renewal of the PATRIOT Act and its provisions on surveillance of terrorist suspects.

I’m not saying that the filibuster itself was a Kabuki performance – the PATRIOT Act needs to be debated, as Senator Cruz pointed out during the show [see here starting at '11:28 P.M.'].

No, the drama part of his performance involved Paul convincing people this was a defiant and brave stand against the Big Government-types [ie: #StandWithRand].

His performance was ‘an event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome, when in fact the actors have worked together to determine the outcome beforehand’.

Do you think the Junior Senator from Kentucky would have attempted a filibuster, and that it would have gone-off so smoothly, if he hadn’t obtained the ‘OK’ from his buddy, the Senior Senator from Kentucky? Would he have defied one of his main supporters, the old fart who is supporting his bid to be President?

I was born at night, Rand, but not last night.

Rand Paul chose to lie down with an old, decrepit, pathetic, rancid dog and now he is lousy and crawling with fleas.

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