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Who Is Jeb Bush?

17 May 2015 @ 01:08

Mark Steyn has come-up with the best succinct description of John Ellis ‘Jeb’ Bush:

Jeb Bush is running as this season’s calm, reassuring, won’t frighten-the-horses candidate who’ll suck up all the money that might otherwise go to wild’n’crazy frothing loons like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, or whoever. Why, he’s such a normal, reasonable chap he’s even hot for action on “climate change”. [BOB: Now turn your /sarc meter up to 11] Can’t get more normal than that, can you?

And yet he has some of the weirdest ideas of any candidate. It was often said of his brother that, to compensate for his preppy Waspy Connecticut Kennebunk blueblood background, he became exaggeratedly Texan, to the derangement of the left. Jeb seems to have taken it to a whole other level, and become exaggeratedly multicultural and, indeed, on his wilder shores, post-American. Aside from that business of self-identifying as “Hispanic” on his government paperwork, there seems to be a broader psychological impulse at play….

Some years ago, I remember a rather wise man [can’t remember who] who said [I’m paraphrasing]: Considering what it takes to get nominated for President and to get elected these days, it’s no surprise that you have to be a little ‘Off‘ to run in the first place.

I’ve contemplated that thought for over a decade now and I think it certainly applies to the average kind of person who enters the race these days.  My only caveat to endorsing that statement as being true for all candidates is that it seems to me you do have exceptions to the rule, such as Ted Cruz, who seems to fairly Normal [in the real and Good sense of the word].  However, time will tell [come back in, say, four months and ask me].

Certainly, Hillary Rodham and her Husband, Bob Dole, John McCain, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ and others who make-up the Modern Establishment are, truly, ‘Off‘ — some are ‘Special‘, in the old pre-PC sense of the word].


  1. 17 May 2015 @ 12:37 12:37

    We’re so screwed.

  2. 17 May 2015 @ 12:38 12:38

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    We’re so screwed

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    17 May 2015 @ 13:28 13:28

    Jeb will never get the nomination and certainly not be elected if he did. I don’t understand why we insist on pretending otherwise.


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