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The Lost Republic Diaries – Part XVIII

13 May 2015 @ 20:54

Another entry in a Diary that chronicles the End Days of The American Republic. Another example of why The Republic is terminal and why we must work to save what we can however we can…

From The College Fix, Samantha Audia reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Darleen Click]:

If someone says anything mean-spirited at the University of Colorado Boulder – campus administrators want to know about it. Not only that – they want to know the offender’s name, age, email address and more.

University of Colorado-Boulder has launched a new campaign encouraging students to report any “bias” they come across to campus authorities, who collect details including offenders’ names, birthdays, genders – even social security numbers – along with a description of the “incident.”

The “Bias Incident Reporting” effort aims to “address the impact of demeaning and hurtful statements as well as acts of intolerance directed towards protected classes,” CU Boulder’s website states.

Examples of bias, according to a corresponding poster campaign highlighting the reporting system, include calling people names or making fun of their culture.

“This in no way is meant to curtail free speech,” campus spokesman Ryan Huff told The College Fix in an email. “We support the First Amendment and want our students to challenge one another in academic ways. We don’t support, however, the use of racial slurs and other demeaning bias-motivated acts.”

Students who perceive or witness “bias-motivated incidents” are asked to report them immediately by filing a “student of concern” report.

The online submission form prompts students for the name, birthday, gender, phone number, and e-mail of any involved person. The form gives the reporter space to provide the ID number of students implicated in the incident. However, should those involved not be students, drivers’ license numbers or social security numbers are suggested substitutes.

Please do take the time to click here and read Darleen’s post in which she makes a dead-on accurate comparison of this action to one from History.

How long before this Informant System moves from campus to campus?

How long before it then moves into other institutions?  Let us not forget the hard lesson we have learned since 20 January 2009: anything is possible when and where the Left is in Power And Control.

How long before those reported on are deemed illegitimate — beyond the pale, not fit to be members of the Brave New World being manufactured by the Left In America?

How long before Free Speech is declared an activity of outlaws?

So many will claim: “Oh…that can’t happen here!’  History disagrees, and she is never wrong.

We have the freedom now to act to preserve The Founding; we are at Liberty to to operate in what has become the Enemy’s territory. We can gather together and Restore the Precious Gift of The Founding Fathers in territory we achieve control of. We are the Outlaws and we should act accordingly.

We will see some very cruel times, but we have a Duty to our Posterity to preserve the Gift wherever and however we can. We have a duty to those that came before us and sacrificed for us to pay any price and bear any burden to see that Freedom and Ordered Liberty survive in some form. If we do not at least try, we shall be damned before all of Mankind as those cowards who did not attempt to preserve the last, best hope for man on God’s Earth.

We must Join Or Die.


  1. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    13 May 2015 @ 22:48 22:48

    How long before this Informant System moves from campus to campus?

    To a certain extent, it already exists, given that the SJWs monitor social media prepared to destroy anyone who crosses them.

    As for this new plan at UC-Boulder, I should think they’ll regret it sooner rather than later. Expect FIRE to get involved shortly, I should think requesting disclosure of the retention policy for such information, policy regarding university use of the information, privacy issues and all manner of information that would be embarrassing and costly to the State of Colorado, especially where same concerns people not associated with the university.

    This thing smacks of something dreamed up and promoted before anybody ran it past the lawyers. Though from my own experience, people with Ph.D.s tend to believe they know everything and therefore, don’t need legal advice. Normally, such a course of action doesn’t work out well.

  2. 14 May 2015 @ 18:57 18:57

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.


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