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What Now Britain?

11 May 2015 @ 08:42

David Cameron and his Conservative Party scored quite an impressive victory.

For the first time, the Cameron-led Tories can govern without having to form a coalition.

And it sure is lovely to see the Left freaking-out and throwing tantrums [pass the popcorn and pour me another three fingers of Plymouth Gin, Darling].

However, this should not be seen as a likely triumph of conservative philosophy — the Prime Minister is no Lady Thatcher, as it quite obvious.

What the English and Welsh have opted for is a Softer Fascism that only a Wet Toff like David Cameron can provide.

This is his moment to step-up to wicket and bat away, but, I fear, he will be caught and bowled.

He’s more cockroach than cricket [however, Davy does chirp a-lot — and it's annoying].

The Flames Of Albion still burn.

But, perhaps, the call of the Times will make the Man. We can hope…and pray.

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  1. 11 May 2015 @ 17:18 17:18

    Oh, yes, the leftwits are howling all right! Safe guess which side of politics contributed most to the 37 percent of voters who stayed home.
    “The whole voting process is a fraud. And anyhow, nobody could POSSIBLY want to see those awful Tories in power for another term…. (several hours later) WHAAAAAAAT?”
    Twitter has become the self-absorbed universe of the left. When they discover the singular lack of overlap between reality and the Twitterverse – well, their actions speak for themselves.

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