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On Moral Equivalence As Practiced By Some On The Right

11 May 2015 @ 09:55

In a recent post over at Protein Wisdom, Darleen Click rightly took people like Jonah Goldberg to task for their thinking about the motivations of some Leftists. Please do take the time to click here and read her full post.

Darleen concludes that, ‘Goldberg and others need to have an “Aha” moment’ and she is dead solid perfect.

It’s time for such conservatives to come to their conservative senses.

They need a figurative slap-upside-the-head, or, as Darleen puts it:

The first step to opposing these people is to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt that [the Leftists] don’t know what they are talking about.

They do.

People who do give the benefit of the doubt to Leftists are, in fact, Useful Idiots of the Left. They buy into The Big Lie that there are any Leftists who have good intentions.

When you want to re-engineer people, to fundamentally alter what God has created, your aim is not True.

When you seek to brainwash people, to strip them of their Free Will, your efforts are not in service to furthering the Good of Man.

When you legitimize such Evil ideas, you grant a Legitimacy to those ideas and say that they are Morally Equivalent to Legitimate inquiries into and about the Nature of Man and God.

Anyone who seeks to alter or abolish the Truth is Evil.

And those who provide aid and comfort to the advocates of Evil are Moral Traitors.

Wake-up, people like Jonah Goldberg: just as declaring a Moral Equivalence between the Soviet Union and The United States was wrong, so is advocating the same Moral Equivalence between the Right and the Left.

Stand athwart your Equivalency and yell ‘Stop!’

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