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@MJosephSheppard → Can American Society Survive Another Republican Presidency?

11 May 2015 @ 19:51


If American society of today is compared to that seems like the halcyon days of the field of dreams which were the “morning in America” Reagan years it would be like comparing not two ages but two planets.

Yes, of course not everything was perfect under President Reagan, things never are, but a glance at the electoral map after the 1984 election is as good an indicator as any of the mood of the American people.


The society that America was under Reagan continued, more less through the Bush Snr./Clinton years and G.W. Bush’s first term and ended, abruptly, with the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. What was unleashed, as the death and destruction and the mistrust ensuing from the lack of any probity on “weapons of mass destruction’ and the collapse of Iraq into a sectarian war was the death of a golden age.

That the economy collapsed in 2008 did not collapse the social structure, America has had panics and depressions with 1929 being far worse. In fact it seems the case that with economic dislocation the mores and morals of society tend to be frozen in place. During times of prosperity, when people don’t worry about employment so much, all sorts of societal havoc can be unleashed as for example the student riots of the 1960’s.

What has changed American society is the absolute ravishing of civil discourse and the rise of a mass of rabble rousers, extreme leftists, conspiratorial journalists, politicians like Rod Blagojevich and John Edwards without moral scruples, and bombastic television “analysts.” There have always been such to a degree but they operated within an overall milieu of civil discourse, the difference now is that the second Bush term spawned a host of such perverters of society who found a massive audience through the new world of blogging and networks like MSNBC.

Yes Bush and his team made mistakes, some of them massive, and only time and unfolding history will be the final arbiter of his administration. Perhaps the judgement of history will focus not so much on the errors but on the forces unleashed by them.

When in American history have the public been assaulted, daily by the gross bombasticisms of the like of Keith Olberman and Ed Schultz? The smug elitism of Jon Stewart? When could a two bit nobody like Kos Moulitsas start a blog of beyond idiocy in its hate and nonsense “Trig is not Sarah Palin’s child” and get millions of page views. Could a late night talk show host be an arm of the Democratic party, could a cabal of a mass of media writers form a “JournOlist” grouping to ensure everyone was on message for the Obama election?

When in American history could a television network allow a program host to recommend that someone “shit in Palin’s mouth”? The hysteria on the left when Palin was announced as McCain’s VP pick and that choice started to erode Obama’s poll lead led to hysteria bordering on insanity. To get a bit of the flavor of this madness I recommend perusing the “Ace of Spades” archives for September 2008, especially from the start of the month where the ludicrous attacks on Palin by the likes of Andrew Sullivan are skewered mercilessly.

The mad, bad, insane Palin hate blogs have been too many to list here, but that they still exist all these years later is proof of the demons that have been unleashed. The likes of Daily Kos and Wonkette still spew their venom against anything Christian or conservative and the same “JournOlists like Ezra Klein and Yglesias prosper in their propaganda, and that is the major concern going forwards.

If American society is so off its moral compass whilst these forces have had their “hope and change” hero what will the country become if a Republican defeats their next in line Hillary Clinton? The forces of moral destruction will not need breeding time to get up to full mass insanity and hate as they are well in place, having served their apprenticeship from 2005 and know all the tricks of their trade.

If a Republican defeats Hillary, especially if it is Jeb Bush there will be a brief pause and then all the forces of hell will be unleashed. Can American culture survive such an onslaught? I doubt if it can. Who knows what is next presuming that same-sex marriage will be legal? Bestiality (“live and let live”) multiple marriage (“to be fair to Mormons and Muslims”) multiple same-sex marriage or even mixed multiple sex marriage?” What will be next will be up to the opinion shapers in Hollywood whose personal peccadilloes are forced on the rest of the country as a norm.

Is there any way this scenario can be prevented, can a return to civil discourse come about? For the latter I am afraid that the answer is no given everyone has access to social media and radicals seem to be the most active in using it. The societal decline would be slowed if Hillary wins as the left will have less to rail about, but that won’t put the genie back in the bottle of course.

The only way this decline and fall can be slowed, if not reversed, would be through the election of a genuine social conservative with a majority approaching that of the map above.At that point the socially destructive left would be disavowed and discredited. Or, the conservatives continue to win the administrations of enough states to call for a constitutional convention and reverse the societal elements that have come in over the last decade.

That the left would rail at this would not matter as the will of the people would be irreversible and put beyond the activist judiciary who have been a major partner in the lefts onslaught against traditional norms.

In an odd sort of way the best chance for a constitutional convention may come from the election of Clinton and, as is usually the case, a subsequent rejection of the new administration in the ensuing mid-terms. Or it could come in the first year of a genuine conservative president.

But if an Establishment Republican manages to eke out a win over Clinton the future for America in race relations, and social discourse looks bleak. Can American society prosper with such an election result recent history makes the answer sadly dubious.

Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016. He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste. Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

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