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Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

05 May 2015 @ 14:31

Writing over at the Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez dissects our present situation in The West with simplicity and much skill [worth quoting at length]:

A Texas event attended by Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer was attacked…. Two of the suspected assailants were killed…by the cops. A police officer was also wounded, but not critically. The scene is still being combed for explosives and evidence.

There are probably many pundits who are comforting themselves by thinking: “I’m not Pamela Geller and therefore I will be safe. I don’t say what she says. I don’t know who she knows.” Therefore this trouble will pass me by.But the truth is, no one is safe. Not left-wing artists in Europe nor Nigerian schoolgirls nor high school students in Pakistan. Not agricultural college kids in Africa nor Yazidis in their remote mountain villages. Not people working a regular day in Manhattan on bright September days.

No one is safe.

…What is truly astounding is the dogged evasiveness with which the administration and most leaders of the Western world are determined not to see them; the insistent will to maintain the atmosphere of “business as usual”. Ed Miliband, the head of the British Labor Party, wishes to criminalize “Islamophobia” and President Obama has repeatedly declared the “war on terror” is over. All the best places chorus, “what me? Worry?” There is no war. There is no problem that a little silence, a little censorship and a little John Kerry won’t amend. Yet no one is safe.

At this point no one expects Western leadership to have answers. But the public can reasonably expect the leadership to ask questions, at the least to face the facts. No one wants war. But speaking of which, though some have been brought to an end by surrender, and others by victory, never in the annals of history has one been concluded by denial.

Everyone who thinks “I am safe” should remember that if the storm that is manifestly brewing on the horizon should rise to its full towering force and strike no one will be spared. To close or to open your eyes: those are the only alternatives on offer.

There is the notion, widespread among the public, that there exists a correlation between “what you do” and “what happens to you”. According to that theory, what occurred in Texas was somehow occasioned by what Wilders or Geller said. But that causality only holds in times of peace.

What distinguishes conflict is that this causal linkage is suspended. We see this empirically time after time. For example, those killed or maimed in the Boston Marathon bombing were not interested in politics but that did not keep them from getting blown up. In conflict the vast majority of people who suffer will bear no personal guilt. Yet as with the Boston marathon casualties, innocence will not save them, because they are in the way of some poorly understood historical dynamic careless of individual fate; which for the time being has forgotten names, faces and homes.

This condition must be met on its own terms and the problems, larger than life, resolved so that individuality can exist again. So that faces, homes and professions; so that innocence and guilt may emerge anew. Until then we are trapped on an impersonal stage where the main thing to achieve is survival and, if possible, victory with justice and mercy, not because it is good, but because it is less bad than defeat.

Leaders knew how to keep the peace once, and failing that win the war. Now we seem to have forgotten how to do either; trapped in a Twilight Zone of our making, unable to see, and yet alas, too easily seen.

A Twilight Zone where everyone is wearing Funhouse Mirror glasses…and the Lunatics are running a Freak Show.

-In the Comments section, RWE3 makes a great point that shows that some places are safer than others – for now – and why:

"But the truth is, no one is safe."

But you’re a lot safer if you have guns.

Contrast the Charlie Hebro massacre, where the police guards did not have guns, with the event in Texas (two terrorists now taking the eternal dirt nap, one officer wounded, not critically).

It is difficult for me to imagine a situation or location today where armed people should not be present and ready to respond.

Indeed. Since American governments at all levels in general have no desire to face Reality and provide the right kind of precautions and protections a sane Society would, I would strongly urge you to, if you are able, go around armed at all times.

As I have written in previous Dispatches…

The Left, members of the Republican Establishment, and certain law enforcement officials and authors would have us believe the lie that only Law Enforcement is allowed to police.

When the people of The United States in their local communities and in the Several States began allowing for the creation of police departments, they never relinquished their right to self-defense or their right to exercise policing powers. They merely delegated the day-to-day business of it to an organized [training came later in the 19th Century] group run by a government entity, much as they had delegated protecting our borders and other national security matters to the government.

This creation of police departments was done because it freed-up individuals to concentrate on other concerns, such as earning a living, making one’s lot in life better, taking care of one’s family needs. We never gave up our power to police. We never made ourselves subjects to governmental beneficence. Sovereignty rests only with the people of The United States.

With the Left in charge of government and it’s associated institutions at every level, we have no choice but to take-up the burden of protecting ourselves and our families and our friends and our neighborhoods.

However, doing so will be for naught if we fail to confront Reality, the World as it is.

Keep your eyes open and keep your eyes on the prize – which is the Truth.


  1. Joe Miller (@joethefatman1) permalink
    05 May 2015 @ 21:40 21:40

    One of the generally unknown/unremarked parts about this was, since the event was held on school owned public grounds, it was a gun free zone. The people attending the event were disarmed by the government.

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