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Savage Nation

01 May 2015 @ 10:46

or: Welcome To The Encroaching Jungle.

From WBAL-TV in Baltimore [sur-f’ing-prise], Lowell Meiser reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Mark Levin][worth quoting in full]:

A Dundalk community is on edge after a large group, mostly made up of juveniles from a nearby school, viciously beat a man almost to death.

It happened just before 1 p.m. Wednesday in the 500 block of 45th Street in the Harbor View area. So far, police have made two arrests in the case — both juveniles. One will be tried as a juvenile, the other an adult.

Residents said there has been an ongoing problem with students leaving nearby Baltimore Community High School, and that something needs to be done.

Police, friends and family said two girls, who witnesses describe as students from the nearby Baltimore Community High School, were fighting near a green pickup truck that belongs to 61-year-old Richard Fletcher.

Police said Fletcher tried to break up the fight but was then attacked by other juveniles and adults, some of them students at the school, who were watching the fight.

Fletcher spent several days in a coma.

“You wouldn’t believe it. Everybody goes in the house and shuts their door. You have to live like a prisoner. But when I came down and seen that man, it made you totally sick,” a resident said.

Residents who asked not to be identified said they are now fearful for their lives and property, saying it can be utter chaos when the school lets out for the day.

A business owner who has surveillance video of the attack said he has received death threats from students and their friends.

On Monday, there was a noticeable police presence, both from the city and the county, in the neighborhood.

WBAL-TV 11 News contacted Baltimore City school officials but they declined to comment.  [BOB: Of course]

According to the school’s website, Baltimore Community High School is a second-chance school serving students who are between the ages of 14 to 21.

Attempts to reach Fletcher were unsuccessful. Friends and family said he is too scared to even answer the door to his home.

The Harbor View Community Association is planning a public forum Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the school to discuss the problems. [BOB: Yeah…all the hot air expended there will do a lot of good – impotent fools]

Friends and family have started a fundraising page online to cover Fletcher’s medical bills.

Police say more arrests are pending.  [BOB: And I’m sure the Courts will throw the book at these feral beasts]

This has obviously been an on-going problem and, typically for a City run by Leftists, nothing has been done to protect the residents of this neighborhood.  And, of course, gun possession and use laws are so restrictive in Baltimore, the law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves, their families, their properties, and their neighborhoods.  So, the savages rule.

The Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is a Criminal and, from all evidence so far, a Moron,  a tool more than likely taking orders from The Jarrett Junto.

But this kind of Barbarism is not unique to the Baltimore Jungle.

The Barbarians are not at the gate — they tore that down a while back.

And in America’s cities, The Culture Of Corruption and cancer of Leftism have been running rampant.

As Kevin Williamson points out [tip of the fedora to Paco]:

Yes, Baltimore seems to have some police problems. But let us be clear about whose fecklessness and dishonesty we are talking about here: No Republican, and certainly no conservative, has left so much as a thumbprint on the public institutions of Baltimore in a generation. Baltimore’s police department is, like Detroit’s economy and Atlanta’s schools, the product of the progressive wing of the Democratic party enabled in no small part by black identity politics. This is entirely a left-wing project, and a Democratic-party project.

When will the Left be held to account for the brutality in Baltimore — brutality for which it bears a measure of responsibility on both sides? There aren’t any Republicans out there cheering on the looters, and there aren’t any Republicans exercising real political power over the police or other municipal institutions in Baltimore. Community-organizer — a wretched term — Adam Jackson declared that in Baltimore “the Democrats and the Republicans have both failed.” Really? Which Republicans? Ulysses S. Grant? Unless I’m reading the charts wrong, the Baltimore city council is 100 percent Democratic.

The other Democratic monopolies aren’t looking too hot, either. We’re sending Atlanta educators to prison for running a criminal conspiracy to hide the fact that they failed, and failed woefully, to educate the children of that city. Isolated incident? Nope: Atlanta has another cheating scandal across town at the police academy. Who is being poorly served by the fact that Atlanta’s school system has been converted into crime syndicate? Mostly poor, mostly black families. Who is likely to suffer from any incompetents advanced through the Atlanta police department by its corrupt academy? Mostly poor, mostly black people. Who suffers most from the incompetence of Baltimore’s Democratic mayor? Mostly poor, mostly black families — should they feel better that she’s black? Who suffers most from the incompetence and corruption of Baltimore’s police department? Mostly poor, mostly black families.

And it’s the same people who will suffer the most from the vandalism and pillaging going on in Baltimore, too.

The evidence suggests very strongly that the left-wing, Democratic claques that run a great many American cities — particularly the poor and black cities — are not capable of running a school system or a police department. They are incompetent, they are corrupt, and they are breathtakingly arrogant. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore — this is what Democrats do.

And the kids in the street screaming about “inequality”? Somebody should tell them that the locale in these United States with the least economic inequality is Utah, i.e. the state farthest away from the reach of the people who run Baltimore.

Keep voting for the same thing, keep getting the same thing.

Could This Be One Explanation?

What we are seeing in our urban areas is a type of story that is probably as old as Civilized Man: those in Power And Control using the poor as the physical enforcers/dupes of their ends.

And the Left seeks to destroy American Society, a tactic of their strategy being to sow Chaos and Discord in said Society.

Baltimore is well on it’s way to becoming the next Detroit — an urban wasteland not fit for habitation, a rancid jungle.

Welcome To The Jungle.

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