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On The Hatred Of Beauty

29 April 2015 @ 21:20

In one of his latest posts on Feminism, Stacy McCain asks the question:

Why Do Feminists Hate Beauty?

In the Comments section Evi offers her answer:

Feminists hate beauty because their souls are ugly.

Stacy responded:

To answer my own question:
Feminists are angered by the celebration of beauty because MEN ENJOY BEAUTY.
Beauty makes men happy.
Feminists are AGAINST
Anything that makes men happy.

While there is some merit to both of their conjectures, neither one is the answer.

The Hatred Of Beauty is not confined to Feminists — it is a rather fervent hostility and fevered disgust shared by all Leftists.

The root of Leftist Thinking is a loathing of Life as it is, a loathing and an irrational disappointment so deeply felt that the Leftist comes to believe that only a radical re-engineering of all of Mankind will solve the problem — the softer, less-harsh, focus group tested term is ‘fundamental transformation’.

This extreme loathing manifests itself in many negative and intolerant attitudes, but most especially in the Left’s despising of what we Normal Human Beings across the Cultures of the Earth consider Beautiful.

To them, anything deemed ‘Beautiful’ is a representation of that Life as it is that they detest so much. Therefore, it is logical that the Left would seek to disparage, delegitimize, heap scorn on, and ridicule anything we, the Sane, hold as Beautiful.

And since the Left wants to overthrow Life as it is and replace it with a re-engineered Utopia of their own ‘Enlightened’ design, they actively work to tear-down, figuratively and literally, everything deemed by Normal people to be Beautiful. So, in a way, Evi is on the right path here, but it is not just Feminists whose Souls are Ugly, but all Leftists.  Their Souls are corrupted by their Ideology.

To see how the Left is actively working to destroy the Beautiful, just look around you.

Look at the unrelenting efforts to have Abnormal behaviors and actions considered and accepted as Normal, such as cross-dressing, sexual reassignment surgery, piercings on the head, genitals, and breasts, promiscuity — to name just a few.

Look at the acceptance of tattooing, especially the visible kind, as merely fashion statements [related to this is the adoration of tattoos on Women, which are a desecration and spiritually repulsive].

Look at promotion of music, such as Gangsta Rap, that degrades Human Beings. Or the deification of most Modern Jazz, which is merely the soundtrack of disturbed, often drug-addled, minds. Or the adoration of the non-Feminine Female body type, where, except for the breasts, all Women are encouraged to alter their bodies to look like those of fourteen year old boys. Or the relentless pressure put on Men to abandon their Manhoods and adopt the grooming practices of Women.

Look at the persistent and incessant effort to separate Love from Sex.

The savage assault on Beauty is a heinous crime against Life, a murderous attack on the Sacred, which means, ultimately, an attack on the Divine, the Transcendent.

It is nothing but Nihilism in action, Evil grinding it’s jackboot in the face of Humanity.

  1. 30 April 2015 @ 07:09 07:09

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. sdferr permalink
    30 April 2015 @ 14:50 14:50

    a good read on this subject

  3. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    30 April 2015 @ 21:46 21:46

    If I may be forgiven a further drift toward the Biblical, the denial of beauty and the celebration of the ugly is nothing more than a rebellion against the Creator’s announcement that His creation was/is “good.” The creation of art is a means of connecting with the Divine in some small way. The reason the modern artist can only “create” the banal, the hideous, or the shocking is s/he denies the existence of the Divine. For him/her, there is nothing transcendent to seek. They have only the ugliness of their own souls from which to derive inspiration. Thus we have 19 year old women carting around mattresses and declaring it “art.”

  4. 01 May 2015 @ 02:35 02:35

    “To see how the Left is actively working to destroy the Beautiful, just look around you.”

    excellent post.

  5. wp650385 permalink
    01 May 2015 @ 17:56 17:56

    This is a profound post. You took Evi’s comment exactly where it needed to be taken. From a theologian of some ability here is parallel argument: It parallels also Shermlaw above.

    I like most about this post that it thinks beyond the din of battle to the great structures and powers of life against which and against whom the violent rage. Man can con*struct* and should, but he is not a *con*struct. He is a power of being, and truth be told, divine. Against that power — which means against that beauty — I think we shall always have, more or less puissant, kicking, biting and screaming intending disruptors. They are, in one aspect at least, a test of our constancy.

    As is known, those disruptors, those ones hell bent on raising hell just for the hell of it, specialize in twisting, subverting and suffocating the language of power and being. They have to, so no need to be upset about them doing so. But untwisting, reestablishing and restoring breath (Spirit) to the language of power and being is truly a divine profession. And this post is doing that. Thanks! Theologians to the front! 🙂

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