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#Hillary2016 News – Al Capone On La Cosa Clinton

28 April 2015 @ 08:39

Reporter Brad Smilo, with help from Paco Enterprises and their Chrono-Cruiser time machine, has traveled back to 1929 and conducted an interview with Alphonse ‘Al’ / ‘Scarface’ Capone, rePutined, er, reputed leader of the Chicago Mob.

Mr. Smilo provided Mr. Capone with background information on the modern-day criminal organization / conspiracy known to law enforcement as ‘La Cosa Clinton’.

Old Scarface was, to put it in his own words ‘poleaxed’ by what he read.

A highlight:

Smilo: Would you characterize your response as being somewhat appalled?

Capone: “Appalled”…Is dat like when yez find out some udder fellah’s pulled a fast one dat makes yer own plays look kinda penny-ante? Yeah, appalled, dat’s what I am. If only I hadda knew dat holdin’ some kinda official position in government could give ya cart-branch – sorry, Brad, dat’s a frog expression meanin’ do whatever t’hell ya want – cart branch to line yer pockets under da allspices of a charity racket, I wouldn’t-a wasted all dat dough on payin’ off politicians like Big Jim Thompson; I woulda been one, myself, and set up some combination for jimmyin’ da cash boxes a’ all dem foreign impotentates.

Smilo: So you have what you might call a grudging admiration for the Clintons’ acquisitiveness?

Capone: “Acquisitiveness”…Dat’s like when ya ask alotta questions, right? Sure, sure, I guess dey had to ask aroun’ quite a bit ta get da inside skinny on promotin’ dere scheme, but what I really admire is how dey grab for da geetus wit’ both hands, comin’ and goin’. Bad for da country, though.

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole interview.

When even America’s Most Notorious Gangster is taken aback by the front that is the Clinton Foundation, you know somet’ing is rotten in da stats of Denmark.

NOTICE: No money exchanged hands between Paco Enterprises and TCOTS International LTD, SUV to promote this interview- we used our feet.

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    Thanks for the link, Bob! We take pride in the fact that you’re a charter subscriber to the PWND News Service!


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