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Conservative Blockheads, Part II

19 April 2015 @ 00:37

Wherein we provide examples of conservatives and small ‘l’ libertarians who buy-into, legitimize, the Leftist Narrative…

This latest example is courtesy of Mark Steyn:

One of the differences between the left and the right is that the right is forever looking for another towel to throw in. The left doesn’t do this: They push on till they win. That’s one of the reasons why, with rare exceptions, two-party systems boil down to activist left-of-center governments alternating with placeholder right-of-center governments – and why all the adrenalin rush of Tuesday-night GOP landslides in November shrivels to the cold grey morning after of bipartisan rubber-stamping for money-no-object thousand-page bills come January. For example, consider this week’s Washington Post column by Jonathan H Adler:

What Does It Take To Convince Libertarians And Conservatives That Climate Change Is A Problem?

Mr Adler is a conservative and a lawyer and a former colleague of mine who has written about Big Climate enforcer Michael E Mann’s ongoing defamation suit against me – sometimes helpfully, sometimes in that faintly irritating way that American legal types have of explaining how your case raises many fascinating and arcane jurisprudential issues that make consuming a decade of your life over it a small price to pay.

But never mind all that, he says bitterly. Look at it this way. How often do you see mainstream newspaper headlines like that the other way round? “What does it take to convince liberals and socialists that Islamic terrorism is a problem? …that a $20 trillion national debt is a problem? …that partial-birth abortion is a problem?” The left has the program, and the right is constantly enjoined to get with it. So here’s Jonah Goldberg, one of the few genuine stars at National Review, thinking it’s somehow brave and challenging to ask his friends to be man enough to read Mr Adler’s rather flaccid piece demanding conservatives sign on to the usual climate-change boilerplate. One reason why Republicans are such losers (and yes, sometimes they “win”, but nothing changes) is because they wind up playing the game to the other side’s rules – letting the left frame every issue. Why does Jonah think it’s so brave to ask his friends to throw in another towel? You can hardly get in the ring at all for the mountain of towels the right’s tossed in there.

But…but…but: they’re just being Pragmatic!!!

When are these people going to stop being Useful Idiots for an Ideology that seeks to destroy everything they supposedly stand for?

As long as we continue to legitimize the false and Abnormal thinking of Left, we are guilty of providing aid and comfort to the Enemies of everything America stands for — and of being their Useful Idiots.

Wake-up, dammit.


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  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    19 April 2015 @ 10:56 10:56

    It gets harder and harder to vote Republican every cycle.

    • 19 April 2015 @ 16:26 16:26

      It’s not hard for me anymore – I pretty much just don’t.

  3. 19 April 2015 @ 18:29 18:29

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    Dear useful idiot “Conservatives” who keep trying to cram leftist bullshit down our throats,
    Go to hell.
    Right Minded People Who Are Sick Of Your Shit

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