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The Magic Negro Dethroned?

16 April 2015 @ 19:48

Methinks Friend In The Ether RS [aka: Shermlaw], in a comment left in a post by Stacy McCain [which I do urge you to read because it considers that some well-hidden facts about Hillary Rodham may — may, mind you — be coming into the light — out of the closet, as it were — soon], makes the case for the dethroning, even though it wasn’t, I believe, his intent:

Over the last 30-40 years, we’ve seen a shift in the way homosexuality is portrayed in the media and discussed by the worthies who are the self-appointed arbiters of the cultural zeitgeist. Because homosexuality is, by statistical definition, abnormal, the media has sought to turn that abnormality into a set of positive attributes. That is, homosexuals are described as “more [fill in the blank with positive adjectives],” i.e. “sensitive,” “artistic,” “creative,” “contemplative,” etc. We have moved to a place where those who are abnormal are now deemed to be “seers,” possessed of some secret gnosis which can benefit the rest of us schlubs in flyover-land, if we’d only just excise Leviticus from our sacred texts, turn our AR-15s into inner city daycare centers and buy a few pairs of assless chaps.

2015: Homosexuals = In / Magic Negros = Out.

I pity those hapless and wretched Blacks who have invested every bit of their Souls in the stocks of the  corporation known as Leftism In America, because they are starting to take hits to their portfolio from several leftward trends in the Totalitarian Market.

The enthronement of the Magic Negro: going, soon gone — to be replaced by bull dykes and fairies.

The special place Blacks hold as a fawned-upon, lock-step voting block for the Democrats: nearly at the ‘gone’ stage — replaced by ‘Hispanics’ / Lah-tee-naahs [see my post from some months ago: American Blacks: Endangered Species?].

What next calamity will hit this modern, self-inflicted plantation?

[Hell…they’ll probably blame it on the CIA.]

  1. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    16 April 2015 @ 20:41 20:41

    Good take on the issue. The cynical powers that be are always looking for a new identity group to glom on to. They use these people like pets. The designated oppressed minority du jour is the functional equivalent of one of those small dogs rich women carried around in special Gucci purses for about six months several years ago.

    • 16 April 2015 @ 21:22 21:22

      The question is: How will the Plantation Blacks react when it finally dawns on them?

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        17 April 2015 @ 11:20 11:20

        A better question is how long will it take for them to realize they’ve been left behind?

    • rkae permalink
      17 April 2015 @ 13:33 13:33

      I’m immediately thinking of Anne Miller in “Easter Parade,” when Peter Lawford brings her another puppy and she says, “I know just what dress to wear with him!”

    • Dink Newcomb permalink
      19 April 2015 @ 21:28 21:28

      “one of those small dogs rich women carried around in special Gucci purses ”
      Hey Sherm! I was one of those small dogs in a purse. But I am grown up now and have established my own sexual identity– CA for CanoAnthropoid– and I have petitioned the Alphabet People Identity Crisis Betterment Society and Facebook to add this to the alphabet soup EVERYONE MUSE BE FORCED to use when addressing ME.

  2. rkae permalink
    17 April 2015 @ 13:35 13:35

    So blacks have now fallen behind gays, Muslims and Mexicans. Are they 4th? Am I missing someone?

    I need Casey Kasem to read me the chart for this week.

  3. 17 April 2015 @ 22:35 22:35

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