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From The Message Board Of The Lunatics – Part I

10 April 2015 @ 14:11

Whereas there be Lunatics running the American Asylum;
Whereas no one seems to have enough Courage to remove said Lunatics;
TCOTS HEREBY DECLARES that it will record the rantings of said Lunatics and said lack of Courage, so that our miseried Posterity shall know why they lost their Freedoms and, in some cases, their Lives.

From The Blaze, Pete Kasperowicz reporting, we obtain another piece of evidence that the Lunatics are in possession of teenaged minds [tip of the fedora to Richard Fernandez][emphasis mine]:

Acting State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Wednesday dismissed a critique of the Iran nuclear agreement from former secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz, by saying their comments amount to “big words” and that the two secretaries don’t live in the real world.

Kissinger, who was secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and Schultz, who served under President Reagan, wrote an assessment of the Iran nuclear deal for the Wall Street Journal that said the agreement essentially ends the U.S. demand that Iran never obtain a nuclear weapon. They also sided with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by saying the failure to link Iran’s support for terrorism in the deal means the U.S. is accepting Iran’s dominance in the region.

“Unless political restraint is linked to nuclear restraint, an agreement freeing Iran from sanctions risks empowering Iran’s hegemonic efforts,” they wrote. They added that Iran must accept “restraints on its ability to destabilize the Middle East,” not just restraints on its nuclear program.

Harf insisted that the op-ed wasn’t “damning” at all, and then dismissed it as a critique that came from two non-realists.

“I didn’t hear a lot of alternatives,” she said about the op-ed. “I heard a lot of, sort of, big words and big thoughts in that piece.”

“In a perfect world, of course we would have an agreement that would do all of these things,” she said on the idea of forcing Iran to accept other political restraints as part of the deal. “But we are living in the real world, and that’s the responsibility of the secretary to negotiate where we can see if we can get this one issue dealt with. And that’s how important it is.”

Pardon my French, but: This is fucking Insanity.

Richard Fernandez is worth quoting at length:

Obama says his doctrine is “we will engage,” but it looks like the actual doctrine is “we will be fooled.” Of course they insist that nobody will make a fool of them, however they reserve the right to make fools of themselves.

It’s painful to watch. It’s hard not to think that Iran is out to humiliate Barack Hussein Obama. With this calculated slight, they not only want to wipe the floor with his reputation, they want to see him crawl. And he probably will. Obama gave them Iraq, allowed Iran into Syria, permitted Hezbollah to take over Lebanon, and let them run him out of Yemen all in the expectation that Rouhani would give him his “game changer,” his “once in a lifetime deal.”

And now, after he’s handed in all that earnest money and proclaimed his purchase to the world, they won’t deliver the merchandise. He’s been had, pure and simple. They gave him a special surprise gift and he’s proudly opened it in front of relatives and friends, only to discover it contains a pile of … .

Iran knows he won’t fight, because he’s already scuttled his position in Iraq and allowed himself to be humiliated in Syria by drawing “red lines” with crayons. His “moderate rebel forces” in Syria have all defected to someone else. Iran watched America flee from Yemen, Obama’s counterinsurgency “model,” leaving a list of local U.S. intelligence agents to fall into their hands. Those men are probably being hunted down or dying in agony. Tehran probably gaped in amusement as he made enemies with their oldest ally in the Middle East, Israel, all for the sake of the agreement they have now thrown in his face.

If Obama was going to fight, he would have done so already. And now it’s too late. Who in the region will trust Barack Obama? Israel? The survivors of Yemen? A loyal remnant in Syria? Maybe someone in Anbar who fought for America and then escaped first from ISIS and then the IRG?

Maybe there’s somebody left who hasn’t been sold out.

So let’s ask Marie Harf: how does it feel to be double-crossed? In a way, this final act of cruelty is not in Iran’s interest. The Hill reports that the Left had gone all out to endorse Obama’s “historic” deal: “Liberal Democrats have mounted a furious offensive to convince Senate Democrats to oppose legislation the White House warns could kill a nuclear deal with Iran.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared that “these negotiations must be allowed to proceed unencumbered.”

But some people are so craven they excite disgust even from those at whose feet they fall. The ayatollahs had to kick at the upturned faces. They just couldn’t help themselves.

It’s not too late for Obama to ask himself: is this how an American behaves? Is this how any self-respecting person behaves? But maybe it is too late. Maybe it’s been too late for a long time.

The latter…sadly, the latter.

We live in a Madhouse of our own making.

  1. mysterian permalink
    10 April 2015 @ 17:12 17:12

    and we now know the answer to the question: if you grew up in a madhouse would you know it?

  2. wmdooley permalink
    10 April 2015 @ 23:58 23:58

    I’ve been watching public affairs since high school, over 50 years. The state of the nation now is horrifying beyond belief.


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