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Your Thoughts Welcome: Why Does The Left Coddle The Mentally Ill?

06 April 2015 @ 14:20

Stacy McCain, who is Good Crazy, comments on those who are truly Crazy:

…let’s talk about the fact that for decades, liberals have tried to convince us that the mentally ill are victims of society’s unfair prejudice. If only we were more compassionate and understanding, liberals say, we could alleviate the suffering of these pathetic nutcases. Yet these pleas for compassion and understanding have an effect of blinding us to the fact that mentally ill people may pose genuine risks to public safety. Think about the Creepy Little Weirdo who committed the Sandy Hook massacre. Think about the Creepy Little Weirdo who committed the Isla Vista massacre. It was after Gus Deeds stabbed his father, Virginia state Sen. Creigh Deeds, in November 2013, that I put it bluntly: Crazy People Are Dangerous. And since then we have seen numerous stories that confirm this basic truth, including the German co-pilot who killed 150 people when he crashed a plane into a mountain.

Every time we see this kind of story — the murderous lunatic with a known history of mental illness — the media goes into hand-wringing mode, reporting on the “warning signs” that were overlooked before the kook committed his atrocity, yet at the same time striving not to stigmatize the mentally ill. It’s important not to hurt the delicate self-esteem of the deranged, the demented and the disturbed, you see….

I have often wondered why the Left is so extremely and recklessly compassionate when it comes to the mentally ill, to the point where the non-deranged now have to live in fear of those walking among them. —And God forbid, you ever try to have one one of them locked-up for terrorizing yourself, your family, or your community: you will be called many things, ‘heartless’ and ‘mean’ being the least offensive.

But why has the Left In America been championing the ‘rights’ of the mentally ill staring since around the 1930’s? Why have they been so passionate, so uncompromising, and so persistent about it?

Could it be that, before the Despotic decade of FDR, it was the Left who where the leading advocates of Eugenics? Could it be that they also during that time were the leaders in the movement to make Birth Control legal and target the immigrant and Black communities so they wouldn’t breed so many ‘sub-humans’? Did the Left In America suffer from such overwhelming Guilt that it went from one extreme to the other?

On the thin surface, it may seem that way, but the Left’s relentless and obsessive push to increase Abortions destroys that argument, especially when you discover the fact that it is still Blacks and now ‘Hispanics’ who they are targeting.

So then: having established that the Modern Left remains as cruel and as cold as their ancestors, I am still left wondering just why they have picked-up and run with this cause.

Could it be that they want to sow Chaos in Society, that by letting the mentally ill roam among us at will the Left knows the result will be detrimental to Ordered Liberty? Is this all part of the plan of the Leftist Masterminds to destroy American Society, so that they can then ‘fundamentally transform’ it?

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Also: please click here and read all of Stacy’s post.

  1. William Scales permalink
    06 April 2015 @ 14:32 14:32

    I just wonder how much FDA has a role in this. The food preservatives, fluorides, chlorine, lead-base this or that, one just really wonders what the real objective is here.


  2. theebl permalink
    07 April 2015 @ 01:38 01:38

    Because most on the left have (at least a touch) of mental illness…so they can identify with it.

  3. 07 April 2015 @ 05:12 05:12

    Don’t overlook the financial aspect. Deinstitutionalisation is a win-win for the authorities; they give themselves the aura of compassion as they release the mentally ill into the streets, and they save a bundle as well.

  4. Laurie permalink
    07 April 2015 @ 08:02 08:02

    Heard on the radio, Dennis Prager I think, we used to call this “evil” and now it’s called “sick” instead. Blame society rather than, the devil. More rationale to eliminate religion or more specifically, Judeo-Christian values.

  5. wp650385 permalink
    08 April 2015 @ 00:15 00:15

    Good question. I will go with the gist of EBL’s answer: because they are mentally ill. But I would also highlight William Scales’ mention of diet, a major determiner of disease generally. Harridan Michelle is right about that in fundament although not where she wants to take it. Moral cowardice is another factor in the left’s coddling of the mentally ill. And, bigger picture, positivism/humanism done it by eliminating the vertical (transcendent) component of life from the system of education. But beyond all those reasons, I see one that is absolutely immutable for the nonce: the spirit of the age is agin proper conduct, to include ratiocination and humility. This is not something leftists let loose. It is something God sees fit, inscrutably, to allow certain proximate — but hardly ultimate — sway in the affairs of men and nations.


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