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Sinatra 100th: Best Performances – Honorable Mentions 02

28 March 2015 @ 19:46

Sinatra-HM001bxHEY!…How’s Your Bird?

Here at TCOTS, we’re celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday by counting down what I think are his 100 best performances on Vinyl and CD, but, as promised, we’re also celebrating those tracks [‘Honorable Mentions’] that just didn’t make the List.

As with the 100 Best, Francis Albert will be your pilot and Bobby Bell your navigator.

So sit back easy in your easy chair, pour yourself your favorite libation, and let’s go for an aural ride to the stars…

Let’s make this one a Saturday Night Dance Party — we deserve it…

HM05 — From This Moment On

Music & Lyrics: Cole Porter
Recorded: 28 November 1956
From the album A Swingin’ Affair

Let’s start it off mid-tempo, then kick it up a notch with this bit of romantic swing…

HM06 — Blue Skies

Music & Lyrics: Irving Berlin
Recorded: 30 July 1946
Released as a Single; included in the compilation album The Best Of The Columbia Years

Who said Frank couldn’t swing when the bobbysoxers were swoonin’?

HM07 — A Fine Romance

Music & Lyrics: Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields
Recorded: 20 December 1960
From the album Ring-A-Ding-Ding

A little cheek-to-cheek is called for here [gotta heat them hot poh-tah-toes]…

HM08 — Nevertheless

Music & Lyrics: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby
Recorded: 09 October 1950
Released as a Single; included in the compilation album The Best Of The Columbia Years

Last Dance, folks…

Have a good evening and remember: if you’re going to drive, use a car.

Pundette recently did a post of some of her ‘also-rans’.

See you next time when we’ll take another short helicopter-hop to Bobsville.

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It’s a swingin’ world.

If you’re having trouble tracking down any of the performances on this List, contact me at Robert[dot]Belvedere[at]gmail[dot]com and I might be able to help you.


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