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Don’t Click Alt-Right: On Libertines In Our Midst

26 March 2015 @ 06:54

Michael Brendan Dougherty is, apparently, a member of something called the Alt-Right, and this enlightened fellow [no stuffy, old, religious-influenced conservative thought for him!] believes that Senator Ted Cruz is actually bucking for a different job, one that entails some mean and stinky stuff [tip of the fedora to Smitty]:

Ted Cruz is running for president. Or at least that’s officially what’s happening, according to his FEC filings. But if you actually listen to him, it seems like he is running for something else. Cruz’s announcement speech at Liberty University was less like a first step toward the Oval Office, than the latest of many steps he has taken to becoming the political leader of the conservative movement. This is distinct from being the nominee of the Grand Old Party, of which that movement is just a devoted part.

There is nothing about Cruz that appeals to people beyond his political sect. The one rhetorical move independents and Democrats may relate to in Cruz’s speech was the tribute to his mother as a glass ceiling–smashing computer programmer. But otherwise his mode of speech is much like Mike Huckabee’s: sentimental, broadly evangelical, and reliant on personal charisma. Although it isn’t easy to pinpoint what about a candidate’s personality rubs a larger demographic cohort the wrong way, Huckabee fared terribly among non-rural, non-Evangelical voters in 2008. Cruz may be headed for the same fate.

Consider Cruz’s overt sense of personal destiny. He makes Mitt Romney seem positively shy. Cruz’s speech implicitly compared Ted Cruz to Patrick Henry, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

Cruz also exhorted his audience to "imagine" many things, an America that is "finally becoming energy self-sufficient," "booming economic growth," "young people coming out of school with four, five, six job offers," and the eradication of the IRS. He implored us to imagine a president that protects the Second Amendment, repeals every word of ObamaCare, ends Common Core, and stands with Israel.

In other words, imagine an America with no Democrats or Independents….

Well…that’s a start…but only the end of the beginning.

As Smitty remarks:

Dougherty’s piece is so bad as to achieve total self-parody.

Well…they say that every person has at least one thing their talented at.

This fellow’s fear of Mr. Cruz is unlike that felt by the GOP Establishment, which is based on believing that Reaganesque people are a threat to their Power. No, M. Dougherty [l'idéologue] is one of those Libertines who despise any one who threatens to derail the Hedonistic Party Train, on which you can imagine there’s no religion and no commonly held Morality [tip of the fedora to Ms. Evi for inspiring the John Lennon reference].

The ties that bind a people together determine whether said people will flourish or fail.

The Truth, the Reality, when it comes to America is: when she flourished and was the envy of the whole World, Americans were tied together by a shared Morality [Judeo-Christian, with a strong Dissenting Protestant flavor] and a shared understanding of what was Good and what was Evil [the unique Values/Morality of The West] and what standards have to be maintained if they were to survive and thrive [English Custom and Law].

If the philosophy of such people as Michael Brendan Dougherty ever holds the upper-hand in American Society [and, actually, it's well on it's way to doing so] then it will collapse in a stinking heap of Unvirtuous Selfishness and bodily fluids, where Chaos reigns as the Emperor of The Culture Of Death.

Face it, conservatives — OUTLAWS — we’re surrounded…but take heart, for as the greatest Marine Chesty Puller said: ‘We’re surrounded; that simplifies the problem’.

Join Or Die.

  1. 26 March 2015 @ 08:10 08:10

    perfect,fire in any direction……………..

    pls keep up the great work…….

    rick & family


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