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It Should Have Been Biden-Obama 2008…

16 March 2015 @ 19:39


if it has to be a Dem in 2016 it should be Biden not Hillary

If there had to be a Democratic president elected in 2008 and, after Lehman Brothers, it did not matter who was heading the ticket there would have been a Democrat elected, then in sad retrospect both America and the Dem’s would have been far better off it Joe Biden had been the presidential nominee.

The Dem’s would have been better off in that, without the rise of the Tea Party and the great swarming of the polls b​y​ conservatives in​ the​ subsequent mid-term elections, their electoral disasters of the past 6 years would have, most likely, not been as severe. “since 2008, Democrats have lost 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats, 910 state legislative seats, 30 state legislative chambers and 11 governors’ offices.”

That electoral thrashing has certainly been good for the GOP and has, thankfully, put a stop to the leftist legislative program but Democrat’s can hardly look at it with thanks to their leadership. Would such decimation have happened under a Biden presidency without the “them and us” that the Obama administration has engendered-it’s unlikely given political history of ebb and flow levels​.​

​​Can anyone, if they put aside partisanship, honestly state that race relations would not be better now if Biden were president? Would the heightened expectations from the ridiculous promises of “change you can believe in​”​ from “The One” have been raised​,​ and dashed​,​ along with “my bills will be paid once Obama is elected.”​?​

Would there have been the Harvard professor incident and ensuing need for “a beer summit.”​?​ Would there have been the stirring up of racial tensions after Zimmerman if President Biden wasn’t in a position to say “If I had a son” etc. Would Eric Holder be Attorney ​G​eneral with the ensuing tensions in Ferguson?

Would “the first Black vice-president” have given the Black community pride in the accomplishment​,​
and hope for an eventual Black president​,​ without all the false promises and expectations? Certainly such a situation is imaginable.

With Biden cast more in the traditional Democrat ​m​old of an LBJ and willing to glad-hand the opposition​,​ would there have been so many years of antagonism between the Republican House and the presidency? Obviously not. Would the “Obamacare” legislation, categorized by Biden as a “BFD” have ever seen the light of day-at least in its present form? Probably not, and whatever healthcare reforms were actioned would have been done in the traditional give and take manner.

Would President Biden have seen himself as the savior of the Arab world and initiated the “Arab Spring’ which has turned into a disaster with vast swathes of territory controlled by the most militant anti-Western elements of radical Islam? A doubtful proposition given that Biden, unlike the neophyte Obama had years of foreign policy experience.

Would the national mood be lighter with a genial president, cast in that effect, in the mold of President Reagan? Certainly anything would be better than the current mood which has seen the president averaging under 45% approval for years and with Congress under 30% approval.

Whatever may be said of Biden’s faults as a communicator he is no worse tha​n​, frankly​,​ President Eisenhower was. Obama, Nixon, LBJ were great speakers but in the end were flawed and/or fell far short of the expectations their rhetoric gave rise to. With a government of checks and balances the nation is better served with a president with warmth of personality who is not a great communicator​,​
than with a dogmatic, brooding and flawed one.

Biden is also a gentleman. Seemingly alone amongst the left he has been only polite and warm towards Governor Palin whilst all around him were doing their best to tear her down by any means fair or foul-another indication of how a Biden administration would have governed in a spirit of amiability.

Oddly enough the country, or at least the Democrats​,​ may shortly be be faced with the same sort of choice again. If Hillary Clinton runs​,​ and Vice-President Biden does as well then​,​ the choice will be between a polarizing dogmatic ​ on one hand​ and a personable compromiser on the other​.

It would seem unlikely at this point that the same mistake that was made in 2008 would not be made all over again given Clinton’s ​current (albeit shaky looking​) ascendancy. Hillary might well be the winner​,​ but America would be the loser.

The choice between four more years of antagonistic government under a Clinton or four of a reaching across the aisle  administration​ (if there had to be a Democrat) under Biden is​,​ logically​,​ for the latter. For America’s sake hopefully the choice doesn’t eventuate as a Republican president will be elected but, again, if it has to be a Dem then America could do far worse than Biden​.

Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

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