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It’s Who They Are; It’s What They Do

04 February 2015 @ 14:17

Commenting on the burning to death of Jordanian pilot 1st Lieutenant Muath al-Kasaesbeh by ISIS, PJ Media reader RasThavas writes:

"While he [Mohammad] had the Kafir [non-Muslims] beheaded, he had the bad Muslims burned, along with their dwellings and mosques."
–Bukhari V1:B11:N626

This is what Islam is and ISIS is Islam to the bone.

Mirror, mirror on the Blood Drenched Wall
Who is most like Mohammad, all Muslim’s "Perfect Man", of them all?

Why, you are ISIS, you are!

Islam itself, founded by a mass murdering, mass torturing, mass raping (raping little girls was his ‘specialty’), mass enslaving blood thirsty misanthrope psychopath, all Muslim’s "Perfect Man", is the greatest continuing crime against humanity the world has ever known.

At some point either Islam dies or Humanity dies.

In the end, there can be only one.

Unless and until people understand this, they understand nothing.

Quite. RasThavas has hit upon a Truth that makes the vast majority of the Western World very, very uncomfortable, quite ill at ease. It is a Truth that they, in their pampered luxury, do not want to even begin to contemplate [Could This Be One Explanation?].

The West is the epitome, the pinnacle, the quintessence, the embodiment, of Humanity.

It stands for all that Human Beings believe is Good. It has never been Perfect, nor did or does it’s people expect it to be, because only God is Perfect. But it keeps striving to be better, to be, as it were, ‘more Good’. It is a Civilization dedicated to improving the lot of Mankind. The West celebrates the great gift known as Life.

Mohammedism is the exact opposite. It is a system of ideas – an Ideology – that believes their is Glory to be found in the murdering of those who defy it, who question it.

The Koran is a book that demands total and absolute obedience to a god, Allah, that acts without any restraints on his behavior [whatever he does, no matter how awful or self-contradictorian, must be accepted as Just], demands unequivocal and unrelieved submission of his followers’s Wills, and does not grant forgiveness, whereas our God makes covenants with His people, gifts them Free Will, and offers generous Mercy.

Two such completely opposite approaches to Life cannot exist together for long, and only are able to if one of them, as Islam was for several centuries, is weakened considerably.

If you wanted to sum-up accurately and succinctly the difference between The West and Islam, you could merely cite the contrasting biographies of Jesus the Man [later proclaimed The Christ] and Mohammed, the, in RavThavas’s correct description, ‘mass murdering, mass torturing, mass raping (raping little girls was his ‘specialty’), mass enslaving blood thirsty misanthrope psychopath’.

The same is true for Leftism. It too, like Mohammedism, is an Ideology, and, like all such creatures, is Tyrannical by it’s very nature.

Like Islam, the Left seeks to destroy everything The West stands for.

Like Islam it does so in the name of building a Utopia, a vicious fantasy born of the self-retardation of the Mind.

Like Islam, the Left will sanction the murdering of those who defy it, who question it [in fact, as of right now, Leftism has racked-up a higher number of homicides than Islam, in terms of numbers of innocent dead].

Like Islam, the Left’s Leaders [it's 'Fuhrers'] must never be questioned in any way, shape, or form.

Like Islam, the Left demands Submission of the Will to an ‘Enlightened’ Elite.

So…let me alter the words of RavThavas a bit:

At some point either Totalitarianism dies or Humanity dies.

In the end, there can be only one.

That is the Reality.

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