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The End Of The (Foreign) Affair

30 January 2015 @ 14:21

Paco has been thinking about what’s next for The Jarrett Junto in the foreign policy arena and now has some questions [re-paragraphing mine]:

So, what’s the next thing on Obama’s foreign policy agenda?

Halting all military action against ISIS in return for a bag of magic beans?

Maybe trading some more terrorist chiefs for a hostage to be named later?

How about the 2015 James Taylor Middle East Tour (featuring John Kerry and the Winter Soldiers as a warm-up band)? That ought to be good for a t-shirt, at least.

The very sad thing is: it wouldn’t surprise me if some variations of these policies didn’t get implemented by that bunch of dangerous and naive crew of drunk-on-Power sailors [or is it ‘corpse men’?].

If we survive this Reign Of Error And Terror, it will be a true, bloody miracle.

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  1. bob sykes permalink
    31 January 2015 @ 14:14 14:14

    Paco’s not paying attention. The Jarrett Junto is cozying up to Iran and the various Shia militias. Yemen is the latest. So, if anything, the Jarrett Junto will step attacks on ISIS.

    Considering Jarrett’s Iranian background that sorta makes sense.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    31 January 2015 @ 21:10 21:10

    Should one be learning Arabic or Chinese?

  3. 01 February 2015 @ 16:49 16:49

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  4. 04 February 2015 @ 07:41 07:41

    Thanks for the link!

    Bob Sykes: You may be on to something there.

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