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On Those Who Snipe At #AmericanSniper

21 January 2015 @ 21:42

The disgusting vitriol that has been flung by Leftist Monkeys and dribbled by Village Idiots at the late American Hero Chris Kyle shows us that there’s a lot of deadwood in American Society.

As for my further thoughts by me on this subject, I’ll just quote Jeff Goldstein, who is more fittingly eloquent than I:

The left simply can’t let some heroism exist, particularly when it is offered in defense of country. That, to them, is merely jingoistic, racist, macho gun-nuttery — of the kind that allows them to sit in their salons and their martini bars and piss on the very people who keep them free so that they can continue belching out distorted narratives and outright falsehoods as a way to cover for their own cowardice: which is to say, by turning real sacrifice into a wingnut caricature, they are able to elevate their own rejection of that sacrifice into a self-servingly “brave” stance against the established status quo, the idea that soldiers protect their freedoms. In that way, they redefine heroism (“look at the brave and controversial dissent I offer from the comfort of my den, where my Apple Pro Book often sits! Aren’t I edgy?”) to cover for their own moral, intellectual, and even physical cowardice.

This observation aside, it’s worth noting the extent they’ll go to to bring down those who they recognize they could never ever on their best days even approach in terms of human worth.

So allow me to say this here and now: fuck the bloated ostentatious cravenness of Michael Moore and Seth Rogen; fuck the faculty lounge recriminations of fey metrosexuals and gentrified, soft, city gals pretending to write nuanced counter narratives instead of the intentionally misleading alternate histories they’re hoping will stick like goat heads to the fabric of American lore; and fuck Jesse Ventura, too.

If you need so badly to try to pull yourself up on the back of a dead SEAL whose very dumps you aren’t fit to smear yourselves with, you’re doing life wrong.

The end.

Preach, Brother, Preach.

  1. 21 January 2015 @ 22:14 22:14

    OUTLAW (whee!!!)

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    22 January 2015 @ 01:34 01:34

    It’s a good story apparently told well (I haven’t seen it yet) which of course means like all good stories, it promotes conservative values like patriotism which is anathema to the left. Walter Hudson has a good piece at PJM asking why Hollywood doesn’t make more movies like this. They squander opportunities to make millions. But perhaps even more important they’re good for the country. Some are mystified as to why so many young people are ”alienated” one answer is because so much of our cultural and media elitists piss on our history and our present. Our country can’t redeem those who are taught every day by schools and various media that our country is itself irredeemable.

  3. indyjonesouthere permalink
    22 January 2015 @ 10:41 10:41

    The patriots of the left are always on a permanent apology tour to destroy the country…my age group remembers Ms Fonda quite well. They will not change.

  4. mrpaulrevere permalink
    24 January 2015 @ 19:21 19:21

    Real Americans revere anyone who perseveres and triumphs in very difficult circumstances, be it on the job, in family life, what have you but especially in the field of honor.

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