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MLK Day: Questions

19 January 2015 @ 21:35

Jeff Goldstein wrote earlier today:

When Obama was nominated I wrote that should he be elected he’d set race relations back 50 years — though I certainly wished he’d fail.

He hasn’t.

We’re living in the “benighted States of America” Rabbit, Redux’s Skeeter railed against — only it’s 44 years hence, and it didn’t have to be this way. Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Dyson, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright: these are the people who piss on Dr King’s legacy while laying claim to it, straining to keep alive racial divides and open erstwhile cauterized civil wounds, luxuriating in the tensions and chaos they will into being. These race hustlers and political cynics need to keep pitching the narrative of a racially-polarized country, because this is how they are able to tribalize us, rob of us of our individual autonomy, and secure power for themselves.

Which, no wonder they’re reluctant to be judged by the content of their characters.

Protein Wisdom commentator Bob Reed remarked:

…King dreamed of a color-blind society, and worked toward achieving it because he believed in it, and not because his personal power, or status, would stem from it.

While the race-hustlers, one of which is an advisor to POTUS, claim to work for racial reconciliation, but really foment division, precisely to retain their power and elevated standing in society.

MLK surely wouldn’t approve of the actions of the race hustlers and professionally aggrieved.

We’ll never know — but, maybe, it’s better that way because, near the end of his life, MLK was hanging around with Socialists/Communists. Perhaps it is better we never witnessed the fruits of his late-in-life associations. Would he have become one? Would he have transitioned to Fascist, like Jackson and Sharpton and so many others?

  1. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    19 January 2015 @ 22:13 22:13

    One never knows how thing might have changed had he lived. I will say, many of the things he discussed in his speeches, e.g. the rate of black crime vs. white crime and the beginnings of the dissolution of the black family, were correct. I’m sure he had flaws, as we all do. The sad thing is, the descendants of those he strove to help cannot even read his writings because they consider instruction in the English Language to be racist. I like to think had he lived that might not be the case.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      21 January 2015 @ 02:06 02:06

      He approved of affirmative action and the great society programs and doesn’t seem to have understood the havoc that dependency was already playing in the black community. He was left as opposed to conservative and therefore would have insisted on doubling down on stupid.

      • thecampofthesaints permalink
        21 January 2015 @ 08:02 08:02

        All true, but a number of his fellow Civil Rights Leaders from the time eventually came to see the light and he was a perceptive man.

        On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 2:06 AM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:



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