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Feminists And Their Wrong Premises: @RSMcCain On Their Big Lie

16 January 2015 @ 14:09

Over at The Other McCain, we find a superb entry in Stacy McCain’s ongoing series [in preparation for a book he's writing] on the Ideology known as Feminism.

A highlight:

Feminism is a formula for unhappiness, an ideology conceived by unhappy women who were unwilling to take responsibility for their own unhappiness. Instead they promoted a false crypto-Marxist worldview in which all men oppress all women. This belief — feminism’s Big Lie — is how unhappy women justify their envy-driven attacks on the actual sources of happiness in other women’s lives.

I urge you to take the time to click here and read the whole post [which contains some good, old fashion [and needed] fire and brimstone, as well].

While The Big Lie is a weapon used by all Leftists to mislead and confuse those they wish to enslave, all Ideologies have to have their own internal Big Lies in order to preserve the fragile Systems Of Ideas they have constructed.

Every Ideology is a set of beliefs created in the sterile laboratories of it’s creators’s minds, far away from Reality, so each one is, at it’s core, by it’s very nature, brittle in the face of the Truth of Life as it is. So, in order for an Ideology’s believers to continue to believe in their particular System Of Ideas, they must kid themselves into believing said System will work in the Real World, despite the fact that it was conceived without consulting how Human Nature works. They have to believe that all of their conclusions are right. They must employ and constantly re-enforce the Big Lie directly into their Souls. Failure to do so will cause their whole image of the World to collapse, all concepts reduced to rubble, all presumptions vaporized. The Ideologue fears this more than anything.

In the Comments section, Jim R remarks:

I often wonder what it’s like to live in an [Social Justice Warrior's] head. As I see it, they think that the world is little better than a jungle with white men as the undisputed apex predators. According to SJW’s, we go about killing black people ("people of color" when they want to try to rope in Latinos and Asians) without provocation or fear of consequence, we rape women without provocation (other than having a d!ck) or fear of consequence, &c. Seriously, a small, lame rat tossed into a cage full of starving pythons has a more optimistic outlook than these folks.

Worse, they recognize NO progress. It’s still 1859 as far as they are concerned: black people are either slaves or tremble in fear lest a fugitive slave patrol kidnap them and send them south; women are nothing more than breeding stock / domestic servants who tremble with fear lest their husbands beat them to death or gangs of other men (including their husbands, I suppose) rape them the moment they step foot outside their houses.

Worst of all, even as they yap about protest and progress, they claim that it CAN NEVER BE BETTER. The country always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE raaaaacist. The country always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE "misogynist".


I’m surprised that more "feminists" and other SJW types don’t just kill themselves and get it over with rather than just wait for the white killer cop or the rape gang that will inevitably show up. Because White Privilege.

Dead solid perfect.

While I have no doubt that a decent number of the female SJW’s sink into life-long mental illnesses or kill themselves, most maintain enough control of themselves to plaque we Normal people with their never-ending ‘reforms’ and campaigns and drives and puritanical jihads and just plain nagging. Their Nihilism is quite tiring.

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  1. 19 January 2015 @ 18:57 18:57

    I’m a recovered feminist myself. I quit being a feminist because a) I grew up, and b) being miserable all the time is just too exhausting.

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