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La Cosa Boehner – Leave The Gun, Take The Kleenex

06 January 2015 @ 21:49

Cryin’ John has wasted no time in seeking his revenge [tip of the fedora to Mark Levin]:

John Boehner’s allies have thirsted for the speaker to strike back at those who betray him. He’s been walked all over for too long, they say, and he’s too nice to people who are eager to stab him in the back.

He finally has learned the lesson.

After he secured his third term as speaker Tuesday afternoon, losing 25 votes on the House floor to some relative-unknown members of the House Republican Conference, Boehner moved swiftly to boot Florida Reps. Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent from the influential Rules Committee.

The reason was simple: Webster ran against Boehner for speaker, distributing fliers outlining his candidacy and talking about how he would better adhere to the House rules than the Ohio Republican. Nugent supported his fellow Floridian in the quixotic endeavor, which garnered the support of 12 lawmakers….

Members are already making noises about reversing any punitive action by Boehner and the leadership, although the speaker’s allies warn that further retaliation could be on the way. The removal of Webster and Nugent was meant to provide a clear demonstration that what Boehner and other party leaders accepted during the last Congress is no longer acceptable, not with the House’s biggest GOP majority in decades.

The House Republican leadership is carefully reviewing the list of members who voted against the speaker and those who opposed a procedural motion in December on the so-called “crominibus,” the $1.1 trillion spending package to keep the government open through to September.

Subcommittee chairmanships might be stripped and other perks could fall away, top Republican sources suggested, in a process that could take months to unfold.

The rebels don’t think they deserve anything but respect from the leadership and their colleagues, and none suggested they were sorry about publicly seeking to oust Boehner.

They are also aware that a price may have to be paid, especially with Boehner having more leeway on votes thanks to his enlarged majority.

Tuesday’s tally brought “double the number” of anti-Boehner votes from 2013, noted Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), one of the most vocal thorns in Boehner’s side. Huelskamp said he was unhappy that “only three of the freshmen class” voted against Boehner.

Huelskamp said he was denied a chance to get his seat back on the Agriculture Committee because of his opposition to Boehner. The Kansas Republican was removed from the panel in 2012.

“I am already hearing from my colleagues, and myself, about retaliation against those who voted their conscience, their constituents, their principles, to change the status quo,” Huelskamp said. “My colleagues fully expect that. That’s what they expect out of this leadership team.”

Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican who voted against Boehner, said, “If you cannot vote your conscience … then it’s clearly a dysfunctional system here.”

Cryin-John-Boehner-100A hard rain’s gonna fall, Johnny…and it won’t just be your lapels and handkerchief that get soaked this time.

We’re going to make your miserable little Soul even more miserable, Don Dipsomaniac.  In this scenario, we’re Michael Corleone and you’re just one of the heads of the Five Families.

More from the same report:

Boehner and his team are firmly convinced that, despite 25 defections, they have a firmer grip on power than ever before. They say their “working majority” – members whom Boehner can work with – is around 220 members.

“We don’t need these fringe guys as much as we did anymore,” said a GOP leadership aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “We can let them walk on certain bills, and it just won’t matter. That gives us breathing room.”

If any of you had any doubt that the Quisling Despots in the GOP hate conservatives and will do whatever they can to neutralize and isolate us, that statement should be your wake-up call.

It’s time for all true conservatives to go OUTLAW.

We have to be prepared to sabotage, to undermine, to wreck havoc in [to cry ‘Havoc!’] the GOP Leadership.  I’ll be writing more on this in the coming weeks.

…it is no Dishonor to be in the minority in the Cause of Liberty and Virtue.

—Samuel Adams, 1771.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    07 January 2015 @ 08:01 08:01

    We need to start utilizing the sh!tlist method in opposing these swine. Select 8 to 12 house pubs who simply must go. As the man said we can afford to lose a few Republicans in the house now. If they can’t be taken out in the primary do as much as possible to help the dem beat them in the general. It should be noted that some of these people can’t be beaten in the primary, this may be the case with Boehner. In that case early thought must be given as to whether it’s even possible for a democrat to prevail in that district. For instance in Georgia it’s probably not possible to defeat an incumbent house member from either party with the possible exception of the new guy who defeated Barrow(D) in the 12th district.

  2. 07 January 2015 @ 17:15 17:15

    You will not win – for every Conservative you save, we will buttdrill a million more.

    • 07 January 2015 @ 21:25 21:25

      What is it with you guys and sodomy?…oh, yeah: you’re full of shit.

  3. 07 January 2015 @ 19:17 19:17

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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