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Sunday Nocturnal: Misty – Frank Sinatra / Julie London

14 December 2014 @ 20:27

One week early this month.

Look at me…
I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree…

I get misty the moment you’re near…

On my own
Would I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove
I’m too misty…and too much in love…

[Music by Erroll Garner / Lyrics by Johnny Burke]

  1. 14 December 2014 @ 23:40 23:40

    Always good choices, Mr. B.

  2. rkae permalink
    15 December 2014 @ 18:20 18:20

    Oh, my, my! Julie London!

    How is it that Nurse Dixie McCall can be so bad for my blood pressure?

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