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‘And Onan (R-RNC)…Spilled It On The Ground’

04 December 2014 @ 08:52

As Darleen Click reports, seventeen states are taking action on the Federal Courts trying to prevent the implementation of the Administration’s immigration Executive Actions.

They felt compelled to do so because the Republican Leadership in the Congress is, as she puts it, ‘dithers’ on confronting the Despot in The White House.

She is quite right in her assessment, but I would have ascribed the GOP Leadership’s actions as compulsive onanism.

The Republicans have diddled with themselves so much that they have gone blind [and not in the service of their country, ala George Washington].

They can no longer see what they are supposed to stand for.

So…they sit on their smug arses in the lounge, waiting to be called to sit at the table of Power And Control. Sadly [for them], they end-up being seated at the Kid’s Table.

In the Restaurant Of Life, the Left sits in the VIP Area drinking single-malts, eating Waygu steaks, the GOP at the low table coloring with crayons and eating mac and cheese, and we are expected to serve them all and clean the toilets. I say: let’s spit in their food, to start, and then lock the doors and burn the joint down.

Okay…I’ll stop now and have Mrs. B. make me a sammich.

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