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The Left In America: ‘We Have Much Bigger Fish To Fry’

02 December 2014 @ 11:27

From USA Today, John Bacon reporting, we hear this from an Apparatchik [tip of the fedora to Old Doug][emphasis mine]:

Patricia Bynes, a Democratic committeewoman in Ferguson, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the resignation [of Officer Darren Wilson] was too little, too late.

"It doesn’t even have the same impact that it would have months ago," she said. "It would have relieved a lot of anger and the pressure in the streets"

Bynes tweeted this: "The reality is that after all that has happened Wilson is a tiny drop in a big bucket. We have much bigger fish to fry."

Indeed. The Left In America does.

Ferguson is just another opportunity that has allowed the Left to move us further into Chaos.

The rioting and the looting and the traffic stoppages and holding-up of hands in solidarity – this particular invocation of Helter Skelter – all of the manifestations of the protests connected with Ferguson we have witnessed and continue to witness are merely one part of a grander plan by the Left to throw American Society into a state of Anarchy.

The Left In America believes that, once the intensity of Chaos reaches a certain level, the people of America will call on the national government to come in and restore Order. And, since that government is thoroughly controlled by them, they will, at that point, be able to launch the final offensive of the Revolution they have been waging here for over a century.

GeoffB understands:

The left sees chaos as their friend, a comrade who never fails to deliver their fix of power.

Subotai Bahadur:

Consider that the majority of this country has been deliberately provoked by an extra-constitutional government that seems intent on causing a civil war. We have government and media egging on the rioters in Ferguson. We have the borders being erased, and the government deliberately importing millions of foreign invaders. Those invaders are diseased and are infecting the children of this country. They have been given a pass on obeying any laws and are apparently allowed to attack any American at will with impunity. They are leeching off of the welfare system, with all benefits paid for by the taxpayers who are being called racists. And they are going to be allowed to take the jobs of Americans, including a $3k subsidy to companies that replace Americans with invaders.

The Chaos the Left has been sowing in America for well over one hundred years is nearing harvest time.

What is reaped by them – victory or just desserts – is up to that group of us who still believe in Freedom and Ordered Liberty.

I’ll let Friend In The Ether Serr8d have the last word:

An Organized Pushback, is what we need. Seems that only the radicals are getting their way; protesting and disrupting for no good reasons. The rest of us have to work and maintain responsible lives.

But for how much longer can we wait in the traffic and ignore the brazen stupidities, I wonder?

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