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Where’s Bob?!? – Dinner With Franklin

26 November 2014 @ 06:01

Pierce, that is [I suspect a prodigious amount of amber liquid will be present for our use, if I know Frankie].


Mrs. B. and I are traveling to New Hampshire for a few days to blow the stink off and relax a bit, so, unless Armageddon happens, I will not be publishing any posts.

— A Happy Thanksgiving To All —

  1. 26 November 2014 @ 07:18 07:18

    “I was not a political supporter of Franklin Pierce but he always had some whiskey for me.” ~ memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.

  2. 26 November 2014 @ 22:35 22:35

    Enjoy the holiday, sir.

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    27 November 2014 @ 19:14 19:14

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy NH, I doubt Mr Pierce has any whisky for you but I’m you’ll manage.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      27 November 2014 @ 20:30 20:30

      Oh…I have…I assure you [hick] On Nov 27, 2014 7:14 PM, “The Camp Of The Saints” wrote:



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