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A Blind Spot For Human Evil

25 November 2014 @ 08:32

Over at PJ Media, Joan Kaufman has written a damn fine post on the Lava Lamp Philosophy that guides some people on the Right and is destructive to our efforts to effect a Restoration of The American Republic. She uses the example of Peggy Noonan, and also engages in insightful analysis of Nihilism, which I believe guides the Leftist Masterminds and many of their minions.

A few highlights:

Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan is an example of a type of person with a good mind who has huge pockets of — I’m not sure exactly what to call it. Naivete? Trust? Idealism? Lack of comprehension? Almost willful blindness? She often gets to a certain point in understanding someone or something and then stops, refusing to open the door of the room she stands before, afraid to look inside. Or she opens it a crack, takes a tiny peek, and then slams it shut.

It is not just Noonan who does this sort of thing, either. If it were, it would hardly matter at all, even though she’s an influential columnist. This is the mindset of a great many people. It almost seems as though there are three kinds of humans in the world, and all of them are useful to Obama: those who are naive about human nature, those who are so cynical they equally condemn all politicians as equally bad/corrupt/selfish, and those who justify anything a public figure does if it furthers their own goals.

There’s a fourth: those who see more clearly that that. But of course, some of those who think they see clearly fall into one of the above categories.


…perhaps she is merely doubting and denying her own dawning understanding and its meaning, because it is too frightening. She refuses to connect the dots. And she is most assuredly not a dumb person, nor does she lack perceptiveness. But she has a blind spot for human evil, and would like to attribute the best motives to people rather than the worst, despite the evidence before her eyes.

In this she is not alone. Much of America ignored (and many still ignore) the evidence before their eyes, which is now irrefutable. Obama’s destructiveness is deliberate, and his goals are the remaking of American in a leftist image, and permanent power for the left. This continuing denial on the part of many Americans is one of the main reasons he may succeed.

In the Comments section, PubliusII remarks:

Peggy Noonan is on record as having voted for Obama at least the first time, and probably the second. Depending on your charitable feelings (or lack of them), she’s a dupe, a nincompoop, a stealth leftist, or what I think is the case, someone who has spent much too long close to government.

I simply ignore what she says and I suggest you do likewise.

Indeed, Mzz. Noonan should be ignored, but the author of this post is right in pointing out, through her example, this kind of thinking because it is so prevalent on the Right.

She, like so many people these days, believes that Man is born Good, whereas History has shown that we are, indeed, born Fallen.

Those who believe as she does hold dear what I like to call a ‘Lava Lamp Philosophy’, where, gosh darn it, we ultimately can teach the world to sing in perfect harmony — grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves.

Not recognizing the reality of Human Nature means people like her are near-perfect candidates to be Useful Idiots for Ideologues, such as the Left In America.

It is interesting that, I believe, Mzz. Noonan still claims she is a Catholic even though The Church believes dogmatically that Mankind is Fallen. One wonders if she is a Cafeteria Catholic — which is to say she is not one.

The Leftist Way Of Thinking must be purged from all of Souls — we’re all infected to varying degrees — if we are going to be able to Restore this Republic and keep it.

It is the Disgrace of human Nature that in most Countries the People are so debauched, as to be utterly unable to defend or enjoy their Liberty.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to John Langdon, 07 August 1777

  1. 25 November 2014 @ 09:12 09:12

    Ask Mzz. Noonan whom she believes is truly responsible for Christ’s ordeal. Depending on her answer she may not even be Christian.

  2. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    25 November 2014 @ 09:28 09:28

    PubliusII is spot-on. Noonan is a member of the “inside-the-beltway” aristocracy, which views life in the body politic as a big game. What happens outside her cocoon really doesn’t affect her in any meaningful way. Ultimately, she’s still invited to the same cocktail parties and given license to hold forth. Her being is devoted to maintaining that. Her refusal to “open the door” is merely a means of self-preservation, whether it is conscious or unconscious. The sad thing is, for all her years spent with Ronald Reagan, she appears not to have learned a key lesson from him: Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. The Peggy Noonan of 2014 would never have dared utter the words “Empire of Evil” or “Tear down that wall!” That she doesn’t realize how intellectually bereft she’s become is truly a sad thing.

  3. 25 November 2014 @ 14:08 14:08

    Spot-on commentary, Bob!

  4. Littleeif permalink
    26 November 2014 @ 14:55 14:55

    Hmmm. The concept that man is born “fallen” and man is born “good” are not mutually exclusive. The notion that man is born “evil” is decidedly Calvinist, while it is quite necessary as a Catholic to profess man is born in original sin, hence “fallen”, and that his being is “good” in its essence. Criticize Noonan as you will – but in a theologically accurate manner, please!


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