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On Beauty

24 November 2014 @ 14:22

There’s been a discussion going on over at Protein Wisdom on Beauty that is worth your time.

One comment, this one by Friend In The Ether McGehee, I totally agree with:

To me, what makes anything beautiful is as much its context as the thing itself. Take the thing out of the context and I am likely to find it transformed from something sublime, to a bauble by comparison.

Some thoughts from your humble Dispatcher…

Beauty is something more than appearance, be it a visual appearance, an audio audio appearance, etc..

It is a combination of qualities that are mixed together just right [ie: McGehee’s ‘context’]. Beauty is, as the poet said, Truth.

To proclaim a Woman Beautiful, for example, is to say that she possesses a kind and merciful heart, a love of Life as it is, a natural intelligence.

These qualities are reflected in her face – in how it is animated [watch the eyes, especially]. It is also reflected in the way she carries herself, in the ways she interacts with other people, in the sound of her voice. And all of these reflections emanate from the Soul, from who she really is.

We’ve all seen the gal who is physically very attractive in a picture, but who we sour on once we see her in action, even if the sound is mute. The face distorts [in the neutral sense that all movement of
it distorts] and we immediately understand in our Souls that this particular person is not worthy of being described as ‘Beautiful’.

And then there are those women who would not be considered very attractive, but who, upon watching them in action, we would develop a very warm appreciation for them, which, when further experience shows us that they radiate those qualities we admire, would cause us to say they are Beautiful.

The same goes for such things as music, which, when it hits some positive, some Truthful, emotional chord within us, we often describe as ‘having soul’.

[NOTE: The above are just some thoughts I’ve been working out these past several years.]

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  1. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    25 November 2014 @ 10:20 10:20

    Beauty and its representation in art, is simply Man’s attempt to reconnect with the Divine. Although Man’s fall from Grace perverted the universe, there are still remnants of its original grandeur which we glimpse on occasion. It is what draws us to God, because as the Psalmist says, the Heavens, i.e. the universe, declares his glory. It is no accident that modern “art” seeks to pervert the portrayal of beauty by creating representations of the most base, vile or pedestrian aspects of the universe. David Thompson deals with this periodically. Call it another facet of postmodern degeneration or whatever, but the effect is the same: It diverts our gaze from the Transcendent and focuses it on the dirt in our own souls.

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