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Strike Back: Leftists Endorse White ‘Rape-Rape’!

21 November 2014 @ 08:15

Steven Hayward has a grand idea on how to use the Leftist offensive against Bill Cosby* to our advantage:

Writing in The New Republic yesterday, Rebecca Traister says the charges against Cosby, though previously reported, were willfully disregarded because Cosby made white people feel just too good about themselves:

One reason that we have collectively plugged our ears against a decade of dismal revelations about Bill Cosby is that he made lots of Americans feel good about two things we rarely have reason to feel good about: race and gender. . .

White people loved “The Cosby Show,” especially liberal white people. . . Any suggestion that white people were culpable in the history of racism that the show addressed mostly through reference to mid-twentieth-century activism. White audiences were never made to feel bad about themselves or confront any hard questions about how they had benefitted from American systems from which black Americans had not benefitted. .

But when Cosby began to do his moralizing on race and responsibility, some of the cracks in the show’s gender politics were exposed. It became clear that he placed a lot of blame for racial inequality not just on black people, but on black women who were not like Clair Huxtable. . . This was a brutal language of misogyny, blaming women—women unattached to men—for the social disintegration of the family.

Message received and understood: depart from the liberal party line at your peril.

Actually I think the whole racial angle on Cosby should be turned on its head: How come Roman Polanski’s film career wasn’t ended after a conviction for rape? Or Woody Allen’s career after the facts of his behavior emerged? And if we’re now going to end careers over old charges, can Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey now get their due against Bill Clinton, whose sexual assaults didn’t end his career. To the contrary, he is honored as if he were the Dr. Huxtable of politics. The double standard here is obvious: if you’re a powerful (liberal) white man, you can survive being a rapist. Maybe the liberals are ironically right for a change.

As John McLaughlin used to say: the Left ‘has stumbled into the Truth’.

They certainly would never find it any other way, even if Jesus Himself returned and told it to them, because, as Sultan Knish points out rather eloquently, the Left In America is full-on deranged [tip of the fedora to Newrouter]:

The great tragedies of the last two centuries were brought about by men and women like these, obsessed, maniacal, filled with churning hatreds and fears, commanding crowds, spreading lies, manufacturing ridiculous philosophies out of thin air and spreading them like an infection on the wind.

The Democratic Party has been contaminated by the madness of the left through its alliance with the left. Its one night stand has developed into a syphilitic infection and it’s slowly going insane. You can see the derangement in Nancy Pelosi, staggering through aimless rhetoric, or Harry Reid, burning with inchoate anger, telling increasingly implausible lies, doing anything to hang on to power.

Desperation and madness are both not pretty, but the worst thing about these demented conditions is that those suffering from them ALWAYS hurt innocent people in their plunge into the pit of Nihilism.

The Sultan ends his post with this remark:

One of America’s two major parties has become deranged and the entire country is paying the price.

True, but let us not forget that the other Party is riding beside them in a short bus.

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*I have no idea whether Mr. Cosby isguilty or not at this point. I would hope he’s not because he is talented and has brought much needed laughter into these sorry times. However, if the this turns out to be nothing but a smear campaign for him having gone-off the Leftist Reservation, he will be partially to blame because he has promoted and endorsed many aspects of the Leftist Agenda throughout his whole life. A petard up the butt really, really hurts, sayeth Noah.

  1. rkae permalink
    22 November 2014 @ 14:17 14:17

    Bill Cosby was an enormous inspiration to me; one of my show-biz heroes; a genius…

    …and I’m pretty damned sure he’s guilty as sin.

    Everyone seems to think that the more women come forward, then the more it looks like a setup.

    Really? Seriously? Has that EVER happened? Many men have been wrongly accused of rape, but can you name one who was accused from multiple sources like this and it all turned out to be phony?

    These are women who tried to report, were shoved aside or threatened, then gave up. The reason they are all coming out now is that they are finding safety in numbers. It’s all like Jimmy Savile. And just like the Savile case, we’re going to discover that there were people all over the industry who knew the truth and didn’t want to rock the boat, lest some money fall out of it.

    We worship our entertainers so much that it actually damages their minds and souls. Narcissism and a gross sense of entitlement begin to fester in them.

    Of course, he’s innocent until proven guilty. But I am also entitled to my opinion, and I see this one shaping up in a very familiar pattern.


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