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Amateurs Vs. The Pros

20 November 2014 @ 14:47

In the Comments section of the latest Belmont Club posting, CFBleachers unmasks the true danger in The Jarret Junto’s approach to governing:

The Cold War got hot again because Big Picture Barry is a small c communist trying to community organize the world. Nobody else is buying his faculty lounge fluff. Rules for Radicals doesn’t work against bigger radicals. It’s Little League extremism, fringe culture weekend warrior bravado.

Our Cold War is now operating hot on every side. Obama treats ISIS like gangbangers with "root caused oppression" who are "acting out" due to disenfranchisement, poverty and lack of opportunity. He doesn’t want to oppose them as much as console them.

He approaches every enemy in the same way. That’s not "big picture", it’s Big Lie.

His "reset button" is locked in the off position.

The Bill Ayers/Rashid Khalidi/George Soros approach to world affairs has us reeling on every front. His faculty lounge radical fluff is not merely "little picture book small c communism" it’s dangerously fascist domestically and reflexively treasonous internationally.

"Liberalism" has either been hijacked by traitors so that it is no longer recognizable…or "liberals" have morphed into tyrants and their belief system now…sucks.

"Liberals" have to pick a side. Because this "big picture" is for very small minds.

This is the result of the Cult Of Personality we have allowed to be legitimized around those considered by American Society to be ‘Cool’ and ‘Educated’ and ‘Compassionate’.

Only a spoiled culture that had forsaken it’s hardiness, it’s Rugged Vigor, and it’s Virtue could ‘evolve’ into such a state where such thinking is considered healthy and proper.

Americans are governed by Amateurs who are totally out of their League. We have sent puny, inept dilettantes up against ruthless and seasoned practitioners of Tyranny, and the World has become a much more dangerous place for Freedom-loving peoples.

Whether we want to accept it or not, we are, in Reality, the preservers of Freedom and Liberty in the World. This does not mean that we must shed blood and spend our wealth across the battlefields of the World. It means we have a duty to keep the Lamp Of Ordered Liberty preserved here as a Beacon to the rest of the World, as it’s last, best, and only hope.

  1. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    20 November 2014 @ 17:18 17:18

    These people were able to swim upstream into our body politic because they allowed grown-ups to do the heavy lifting. In one sense–and not to diminish the danger they pose to the republic–they are very childlike. They see the well-appointed and provisioned holiday table and have never stopped to think how it all came about. Oh, sure, they read all the magazines and recipes, but there was always Grandma there to take care of everything, while they watched TV. Now, they are in charge and although they put up a good front, they are completely out of their depth. They have no clue how anything works; how things get done; how evil the world truly is.

  2. 20 November 2014 @ 17:40 17:40

    Winner winner!

    The real issue with Mr. Obama is the faculty lounge view of the world he has. Nothing has happened to him that would mean he had to lose it.

    He got Ryan kicked out in 2004 for US Senate, and in 2008 he squeaked into the Democrat Nomination, And the Bylined Operatives have covered for him since then.

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