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Prime Minister Twit – Fanning The Flames Of Albion

16 November 2014 @ 21:51

British Prime Minister Toff Twit continues to whistle past the graveyard as he ignores the English dead’s demands for Justice.

From Mark Steyn, we learn that the Anglo-Saxon-Viking Spirit does not exist in the Halls of Westminster:

…You may have vague memories of David Cameron doing some tough-talking soundbites on “British” jihadists signing up for the Islamic State. But fortunately the tough stuff is no longer necessary. Instead, returning veterans of the Islamic State will be encouraged to enter “jihad rehab“:

Returning Islamist fighters are being offered ‘jihadi rehab’ instead of prosecution for supporting blood-thirsty terrorist groups.

The vast majority of more than 300 young men who have arrived back from Syria and Iraq are being allowed to continue their normal lives.

Many have been offered places on the Government’s counter-radicalisation scheme, known as the Channel programme, which has seen a substantial rise in referrals…

One [Whitehall source] told the Sunday Times that investigators also want to balance the approach towards returning jihadists with the need to avoid being perceived as ‘anti- Muslim’.

The official said: ‘The police and MI5 are being careful about how to handle the returnees because they don’t want to disturb community cohesion.’

And, if the Allahu-Akbar-management classes don’t work out and the returning traitors decide to run over a soldier or hatchet a policeman or stab the Queen, well, the authorities will cross that bridge when it blows up. Better dead than “being perceived as anti-Muslim”.

Surely Mr Cameron and his ilk must likewise be exhausted by Islam, terror, Sharia, grievances, grooming, day in, day out. It would not be good “optics”, as they say, for the Queen to be stabbed by a fanatical Muslim, and it might stretch beyond breaking point the Prime Minister’s tinny trope that insert-today’s-atrocity-here is nothing to do with Islam, but one can be certain he’d trot it out nonetheless. Mr Cameron’s ministry has decided that, when it comes to “rings of steel”, it’s easier to put them round Islam’s critics:

Anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism, an alliance of leading atheists and Christians fear.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans last month for so-called Extremism Disruption Orders, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission…

“Our proposal to introduce Extremism Disruption Orders reflects the need to go further on challenging the threat from extremism and those who spread their hateful views so that we can keep that democratic society safe.”

David Cameron and Theresa May have signed on to the Choudhary line: whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject not to capital punishment – not yet – but to an “Extremism Disruption Order”. I happen to think that the price of mass Muslim immigration is too high, and we need an end to it. Is that still legally Tweetable under Mrs May’s strictures?

For now, dear boy, at the pleasure of Her Majesty’s Mandarins.

One of the books I’ve been reading lately is Peter Ackroyd’s Foundation: The History Of England From Its Earliest Beginnings To The Tudors, and it is quite clear that the special spirit which animated England for many centuries and gave birth to Freedom and Ordered Liberty is now in a terminal vegetative state.  People like Cameron and May, in their vile wishy-washiness, are slowly — and cowardly — allowing her to starve to death as they piddle, twiddle, and diddle like the mediocre hack weaklings they are.

Next year will be the 800th Anniversary of the forcing of King John to sign the Magna Carta.  It will not be a time of celebration, but of lamentation.  Tragedy as Farce.


The Flames are growing swiftly.

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