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Up With People

14 November 2014 @ 12:02

Is anybody there?…

Does anybody care?…

Does anybody see what I see?

—’John Adams’, 1776

In previous Dispatches I have recommended reading The Belmont Club blog by Richard Fernandez because he is in possession of a very insightful mind and much Wisdom.

I have quoted one of his regular commentators, Subotai Bahadur, many times because he is cut from the same wise cloth as Mr. Fernandez. Here is his latest:

Obama is going to rule by decree, granting amnesty to any and all foreign invaders, and apparently make them wards of the state at our expense. The response of the Institutional Republicans has been to say that under no circumstances will they shut down the government, and impeachment is off the table. There has been some mention of filing a court action. I seem to remember Speaker of the House John "the yellow-skinned Weeper" Boehner [ I can say that, I'm Chinese and
he is fake-tanned into the 580.0 nm wavelength. That and he is a
coward.] promised 5 months ago to sue Obama over Executive Orders, and absolutely nothing has been done beyond the announcement. We are supposed to believe that this time, after all the lies, he is telling the truth?

In short, there is no legal or Constitutional route for anyone to oppose Obama.

Obama knows this.

So why should he give an obese rodent’s juicy gluteal musculature what the American people, the Institutional Republicans, or anyone think about Obamacare; or their reaction if he ignores any court rulings against him?

He may want an uprising against him. He may be working to provoke one. And he may well be successful. Beyond his wildest dreams and/or nightmares.

There is a core group of Americas — a Remnant, if you will — that have the potential to crush the Utopian dreams of the Left In America and begin the process of Restoration.

The trouble is, they / we are not coordinated as yet — and it will require a coordinated effort to defeat those in Power And Control and their grievance group foot soldiers.

The country is Balkanized because of the successful way the Left In America has encouraged the growth of Tribal Attachments and done everything to destroy an American Identity among the people here.

Someone once described The Declaration Of Independence as a ‘brilliant expression of the American Mind’. Where is that American Mind now? It resides in the hearts and minds of that Remnant only, The rest of our fellow countrymen are spoiled Narcissistic rent-seekers who care only for the continuation of their gilded cage lifestyles, besotted as they are in the pursuit of endless pleasures.

The vast majority of Americans are infused with a raging Hubris.

Nemesis is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce and unleash her storm.

A hard rain is gonna fall.

It’s time for we in The Remnant to get our act together.

It’s time for we Outlaws to form our posses and make the Leftist Dream a bad nightmare.

Resistentiam Tyrannis nunc.
Resistentiam Tyrannis saecula.

Resistance to Tyranny now.
Resistance to Tyranny forever.

  1. 14 November 2014 @ 12:10 12:10

    Yep I see it too Bob.

    Hey! How ya doing?

  2. Mrs. B. permalink
    14 November 2014 @ 15:02 15:02

    Told you so!

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    14 November 2014 @ 15:30 15:30

    The UN small arms treaty goes into effect Christmas Eve. Since the senate hasn’t ratified it I don’t see how it can be considered binding, but I’d bet Obama can.

  4. mysterian permalink
    14 November 2014 @ 23:00 23:00

    since we can’t use the cross of lorraine i suggest a hashtag or sigblock:
    and Defarge knits…
    for recognition.

  5. David R. Graham permalink
    21 November 2014 @ 23:20 23:20

    “The vast majority of Americans are infused with a raging Hubris.”

    And an array of psychotropic drugs legal and illegal.


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