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Celluloid Heroes – The Thinking Behind The Obama Admin Explained

13 November 2014 @ 11:01

Everybody’s a dreamer and everybody’s a star
And everybody’s in movies, it doesn’t matter who you are…

Serr8d wrote over at Protein Wisdom:

..seems that with Barky daily dragging down Democrats’ prestige (acting all nicotourettes’ in China; being deftly placed amongst in Old Wives’ Club for photos), some taciturn “gentry liberals” might wistfully eye another role for him..

First thing Republicans should do when they convene next year? Superfund the Secret Service.

It wouldn’t surprise me if The Jarret Junto is considering the Martyr Option because I’ve been getting the feeling lately that they’ve watched way too many movies and TV shows and have come to think the World works like what they see in them.

I mean, it seems like we’re living in a Rob Reiner movie or Aaron Sorkin show, except the fourth acts are always being taken over and written by Nemesis. Hence, the embarrassing serial FAIL’s.

I wish my life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show
A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes
Because celluloid heroes never feel any pain
And celluloid heroes never really die…

Oh celluloid heroes never feel any pain
Oh celluloid heroes never really die

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  1. 14 November 2014 @ 00:39 00:39

    More valuable as a martyr than a live man?

    The problem is, that like any would be conspiracy, this requires a degree of actual competency on behalf of the plotters. Knowing the US government in action, covert work is not exactly a specialty.

    But then, the voters in my state just re-elected a nitwit man as Governor where there is an actual pool on how long it will be until he resigns.

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