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Fun With Drudge Headlines!

07 November 2014 @ 11:14

It’s been a while

New gay marriage ruling means high court review likely…

You legalize pot and see what happens!

Lena Dunham Sick…

Yeah…we knew that already.

POLL: Hollande approval hits record low 12%…
Faces grilling on unemployment…

That punishment’s a little harsh, don’t ya think?

Alternate: Jeez, them French will cook anything.

Popular Gangster Rapper Shot, Killed While Eating Lunch Inside Busy MCDONALD’S…


CLAIM: One Person’s Brain Controlled Another’s Movements in Mind Control Study…

I told you: the truth about what Valerie Jarrett does would eventually come out. [But will Barry??? – IYKWIMAITYD]


Example of what the people in the news bidness call a ‘standing headline‘.

CONDI RICE: Dem racial attacks ‘appalling’…

Yeah, but to the Left their appealing.

Wendy Davis campaign blames loss on Ebola…

I wouldn’t dare try to outdo that headline.


I hoped they used a lightening rod.

Pentagon struggles to keep soldiers off pot…

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Obama ‘playing with matches’...

Hey…he’s gotta have something to do when it’s raining out. Just hope he doesn’t end-up lighting Lady Michbeth’s wigs on fire – I wouldn’t want to be a fly in his pants if that happened.

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