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Evil Never Sleeps

06 November 2014 @ 14:26

Though poet Walter Erickson focuses specifically on Leftism, this poem* can be applied to all of those things that are Evil…


We came very close to losing our country, and perhaps the near-death experience will bode well for the future. But as has been said elsewhere, the Left is always with us, the Left never sleeps. And neither should we.

The victor cannot rest his shield
Upon his laurels won
The leftist monster will not yield
Our work is never done
A silver bullet to the head
Through heart a wooden stake
And even so it won’t be dead
It’s thirst for blood won’t slake
Relax your guard and it will rise
A monster from the grave
Imposing on us paradise
They master and we slave

As long as Mankind exists, Evil will always be with us, because all Men are forever Imperfect.

The Forces Of Evil whisper in the ears of Men that they, too, can be as God and some of the Men come to believe the Great Deceivers. Such Men then seek to rule over Mankind as God does. But, since they are not as God is, these Servants Of Evil destroy their fellow Men in a frenzy of frustration and anger at their felt impotence. Their situation is made worse by the absence of God in their hearts and minds. In their orgy of Nihilism, these monsters end-up not bringing about Heaven On Earth, but, rather, unleashing Gotterdammerung.

Those of us who seek to do Good can never rest.

And we must Never Despair.

*As found originally over at
The Belmont Club.

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    06 November 2014 @ 19:00 19:00

    ”The Left will always be with us”
    Why do people keep saying that?

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