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Elections 2014 Aftermath: Blue Is Blue / Red Is In The Pink

05 November 2014 @ 22:40

I’ve been sailing through The Ether on a ship made of Schadenfreude, gathering some of the best analysis and insight on the 04 November Elections and what’s ahead for us in the War to restore our Freedoms and Liberties…


The GOP has scored a famous victory, but if it is ever again to be a viable political party that gets things done (or stops bad things from happening), instead of merely serving as a bucket of cold water that voters occasionally pour over the heads of their Democrat overlords for the purpose of getting their attention, then the Republican Party is going to have to genuinely stand for something, and that “something” can’t be limited to the wish lists of the Chamber of Commerce and wealthy donors (Amnesty! Cheap labor!), or claims of vague, inadequately-defined differentiation from Democratic political candidates – the former is a mercenary betrayal of the base by party pashas interested only in hanging on to their jobs, and the latter is little more than political tribalism (and let’s face it: in any kind of tribal confrontation, Republicans are more likely to be led by a version of F Troop’s Wild Eagle than by a Geronimo or Cochise).

With Granny Mitch’s statements today, it’s clear that the GOP is, indeed, the Fukawi Tribe.  Call him: Chief Yellow Turtle.


The GOP wants amnesty as badly as the Dems do. They’re not terribly interested in actually repealing Obamacare or any provision aside from the medical devices tax.

The GOP will not resist Obama’s executive orders. They will make lame excuses about how there’s nothing they can do about IWonPhonePen, and how they can’t shutdown the government nor attempt to impeach nor do thing one to stop the Juggernaut because elections have consequences.

We cannot hold their feet to the fire because they do not fear us. They are fully ensconced in a fantasy land where they indulge their vanity, shake down orgs and corps for donations before passing bills, purchase committee seats and chairmanships, and engage in insider trading that is legal for them but not us.

Enacting genuinely conservative measures is not in their best interest; ergo, it won’t happen. They don’t want the Senate so that they can Stop Obama. Please. They want the Senate because it gives them more leverage to shake down their donors. More ribbons on the chest. More PRESTIGE.

That’s it. They couldn’t give a rip about stopping Obama or enacting good legislation or anything like unto it.

And even if they wanted to Stop Obama, he’ll just do what he damn well pleases with the full-throated support of Our Betters in the media-industrial complex, the entire Democrat party, and even a few GOP stiffs.

And when it goes wrong, the Dems will blame the GOP and the GOP will blame the Tea Party.

What have you observed that leads you to any other conclusion?

Nothing.  Absolutely Goddamn nothing.

This is, at best, merely the End Of The Beginning.  The Battle Rages On.

Ernst Scheiber:

…nothing is going to change except who gets to sit on the sunny side of the lido deck on the good ship Titanic….

Get you lifebelts on, everybody up.

-Palaeomerus asks a good question:

So, have we officially won enough hope back to lose through betrayal now?

Of course.  The Quislings won’t change their liver spots [‘Hic!’, said Cryin’ John].

Later on he asked another question, this time of the GOP Leadership:

So we FINALLY have a hill worthy of dying on. Right? Am I right? Guys?

I never realized until now that Palaeo’s a comedian [are those crickets I hear a-chirping?].

Of course, it is us who will be doing the assaulting and dying on them there hills across the Fruited Plain.

Sydney Weinberg:

Absent a change in Congressional leadership, the new GOP congress will do nothing – absolutely nothing. We are still running annual $1 trillion deficits – expect no change. The economy is weak and unstable due to an epic failure of the Fed – expect no change. Foreign policy is the domain of the Executive – the GOP will make noises, but expect no change.

Expect lots more race baiting, war on women, and income inequality battles – the stupid party will stumble and bumble around those issues in a reactive “no, no we are concerned too.” But they will not lead, not with the current GOP Congressional leadership.

Big Bang Hunter:

Progressive Marxists are dangerous when they’re elected and even more dangerous when they’re rejected.

You bet your sweet Bippy.  Cornered rabid rats always are.


While it is certainly tempting to revel in yesterday’s results, I find myself confronting a deep, abiding fear that the Executive Branch will take the next two years to embark on a “scorched earth” campaign designed to destroy what remains of this republic. There is no question that this president views the United States of America as a profound evil; a blight on the world. His agenda has been to punish us, and that agenda was formed in the mind of a small boy who never knew his father, but bathed in the hagiography of him and his influences thanks to his Marxist mother.

Immigration will be the first salvo; the lame duck Congress will attempt to enact horrific legislation. The question is, will there be enough Democrats who fear for their political lives to cross over to prevent it.

God help us.

He will…if we help ourselves.

-Jeff Goldstein has some ideas on that subject — the next offensive in the War:

The truth is — and we all know this, because the people who’ve read here for years are smart and have never been fooled by the kabuki theater that is a virtual single party ruling class in DC, nor by the media and consultant construct that is “Barack Obama, pant-creased, brilliant pragmatist and Good Man who will make government transparent and bring us all together in post-racial bliss — Mitch McConnell will be a surrender monkey who thinks he can play us. But that’s why we have Cruz and Lee and Paul — and hopefully Ernst: to act as a thorn in his side. An omnibus budget bill written in conjunction with the Dems? Go for it. And watch your glee and arrogance turn to consternation when we the people stand up against you. Similarly, any walk back on a 51-vote reconciliation (“what does it matter, Obama is going to veto any bill that guts his signature legislation, anyway?”) will be met with firm and constant resistance by we, the people, who are set to see premiums rise by 14% on average and deductibles become unmanageable to many Americans, pushing us toward the “need” for a “single payer system.” So let Obama veto what is an unpopular law at a time when it really starts to impact the millions of Americans, who increasingly despise it. Once he uses his veto, make the Dems vote not to override the veto, thus permanently tying them to the debacle. After which, the House can begin starving it of money.

President Stompyfoot and his sycophantic media won’t be able to spin their way out of the reality of the enormous burden of health care cost increases on many families — particularly those in the middle class who don’t want to go on Medicaid, as if they are incapable of taking care of themselves and their families.

And if Obama tries to move things through by executive order — eg., amnesty — all those GOP establishment-types who ran at home on an anti-amnesty platform need to be called out should they not respond in every way to block such unconstitutional behavior, including, again, using the power of the purse and insisting upon border enforcement and a physical barrier to protect Americans from outside threats. The same goes for plans by HUD to manipulate neighborhood demographics so that every municipality looks like the crayon box they superficially imagine is progressive diversity — social engineering at its most egregious — and plans by the EPA to strangle even more industry, seize even more power, and prevent the opportunity for growth, for cheap energy that drives innovation, and liberty and private property rights themselves. Should Obama try to circumvent the Treaty clause, he should be publicly excoriated and his malfeasance — including the empowering of Iran — be met with reprisals.

…Useless lumps of RINO hucksters bullshitting their way through governing will at least clog up the works until we can carry forward the momentum of pointing out the abject failure of “fundamental transformation” and create the conditions for a resurgence of first principles that will overwhelm the McConnell / Rove / Politico / Democrat alliance that seeks to disabuse themselves of having to worry about representative government altogether.

It’s an emergency stop gap.

Later on, Jeff remarked:

Circumvent them. Use the states. Use nullification. Send people down to the border and let the National Guard start shooting at Americans to protect potential terrorists or carriers of infectious diseases from crossing our borders. Engage in civil disobedience. Etc.

Reagan had the same battles to fight before he broke through. When ObamaCare hits fully, you could see another Reagan Revolution. Or maybe just the latter.


I’m talking about a full-on uprising of people demanding that the consent of the governed be followed, or else it’s time to bring out the tar and feathers. Once the full blast of ObamaCare hits, any conservative with a strong voice will win Reagan Democrats. The problem will be that the RINOs might not turn out.

Scott Walker was impressive in his Acceptance Speech [tip of the fedora to GeoffB]:

I’m an optimist. I believe here in Wisconsin and in America, we want to be for something, not against something. But you know what? That’s the difference between Washington and Wisconsin. They’re all against something. We are for something. There’s a reason why, in America — you know that dream we talked about? — it’s not just Republican or Democrat, it’s not just liberal or conservative, it is the American dream that talks about the dignity of work. And in America, we take a day off to celebrate the 4th of July, and not the 15th of April, because in America, we celebrate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.

Trouble is, he’s rather boring.

I still haven’t fully made up my mind if elections to the national government’s offices matter anymore, but, I’ll assume they do…

If we want to win the Presidency in 2016, it seems to me that we must have someone who can inspire enough people to win the Electoral College [what’s left of it by then]. Scott Walker is boring, not soaring, when he speaks.

We would need a Sarah Palin / Ronald Reagan / Barry Goldwater type. Someone who can uplift the Soul and make people believe their voting for that person is an American Act, a good deed, as it were.

As some of you know, until recently I have been advocating Mrs. Palin very strongly at my site, but, in the past few months, I have begun to have serious doubts about electing a woman to such an office [a discussion, perhaps, for another time]. So, with those doubts in mind, I am wondering who can pick up the Torch of Freedom and Ordered Liberty, who can inspire people across the Fruited Plain, who will not betray us.

Ted Cruz has concerned me ever since I found out he’s been cavorting in The Hamptons. Rand Paul is a pandering power-seeker and, it seems, a ‘little off’. Mike Pence’s [who can be inspiring] flip on Common Core was tawdry. Etc….


Peggy Noonan writes that republicans should be gracious in victory.

Gracious towards a US president and his cohorts who fight dirty, even filthy, & consider me the enemy? This crop of democrats has turned governance into trench warfare.

Establishment writer types (like Peggy) are a big part of the problem.

I consider them just another enemy on another front we have to fight on in this War.

-While many think either Harry Reid or The Jarrett Junto should be awarded Loser Of The Week, we, the Cynical & Vindictive Bastards here at TCOTS, choose instead to dance on Scott Brown’s political grave:


As Mrs. B. remarked last night, when I told her that Scotty had lost to Jean Jean The Corrupt Shaheen: ‘What state is he going to move to now that he can run in?’  We on the Right say: Go riddance to bad Roveish.

Scott Brown, meh. Arrogant Carpetbagging Hack Loses — too bad it’s to a Whining Servant Of Tyrants.

-Regarding a certain Sainted Slut: as GeoffB puts it:

Fluke-Flucked with a cherry on top.

-Richard McEnroe on Texas:

Greg Abbott managed to win a majority of Hispanic males and over 40% of Hispanic females. Tell me again why we need to pander on immigration?

-Smitty reports on the fact that the next Congress will have one hundred women as members for the first time.

That, for me, prompts a question: Perhaps now the House will only be in session three weeks out of the month?

-Today’s cover of the New York Post:


He may have no clothes but he still has his treasonous pen and his seditious phone.

SIDENOTE: All of the quotes above that link to Protein Wisdom were taken from just two posts.  Why aren’t you reading Protein Wisdom every, single, Goddamn day?

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    06 November 2014 @ 04:28 04:28

    If ”immigration reform” containing any form of amnesty or a path to citizenship is passed by congress there will never be another Republican president, not ever.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      06 November 2014 @ 07:10 07:10

      Exactly. And the Repubes don’t seem to care,

      On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 4:28 AM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:


      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        06 November 2014 @ 07:33 07:33

        Even more alarming they don’t seem to know.

  2. 06 November 2014 @ 09:05 09:05

    I was thinking about a Cruz/Walker or Walker/Cruz ticket meself. Walker has shown that he can take on all comers and win. Cruz still fires up the Tea Party. The combination could be a winner. Whether they are/are not the right ones though is still up for contemplation. But please G-D let Huckabee disappear from America, Pretty Please…

    And I do read PW daily. Even if he does get a little morose at times. But then so do I.
    I just wish I had the money to help him out a bit, but all I’ve got is best wishes which ain’t worth spit in the long,short or middle run.

  3. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    06 November 2014 @ 09:29 09:29

    Even though it’s difficult to fathom, the ‘Pubs are going to somehow screw up the Immigration issue. This tells us that it’s about their own desire for power and not the survival of the republic. I truly hope I’m wrong, but I predict a major surrender on amnesty. The ‘Dems want it for votes; the ‘Pubs want it for their big money donors.

    Truly, we are doomed.

  4. 06 November 2014 @ 12:53 12:53

    Two things recently happened that drained the last few cc’s of optimism from my political soul. First, Sarah Palin endorsed and campaigned for Paleo-RINO Pat Riberts of Kansas. Then, to add insult to injury, Ted Cruz donated a six-figure chunk of change to the NRSC.

    I blogged rather intensively for Gov. Palin for over six years, a period of time during which I was among her staunchest defenders. I had seized upon a morsel of hope that one day,she and a handful of other conservatives would finally wake up, stop allowing the Vichy Republican Party to abuse them, and pool their considerable resources (not the least of which include PACs and voter email lists) to revive the Reagan Coalition outside of the purview of the GOP.

    imagine, if you will, an American analogue to Great Britain’s UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party), a stateside alliance of conservatives, blue collar Democrats, tea party independents and right-libertarians of the Friedman, Hayek and von Mises stripe..But those of us who would like to see such an organization created cannot depend of the likes of Palin, Cruz, Gingrich, et al to create it. We will have to build it ourselves.

    I had high hopes for Sarah Palin in particular because her husband Todd is an independent who is apparently so distrustful of the Republican Party that he has never joined its ranks. Though some of that independent streak has rubbed off on Sarah, alas, she just cannot bring herself to sever the umbilical that ties her to the GOP. I finally got tired of waiting for her to take that big step.

    Ironically, it was something The Guv herself said about a year ago that is helping me to move on:

    “I would never put my faith and hope in any one individual politician,’’ Palin said after Matt Lauer asked her about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a favorite in the field, on TODAY. “Not any of them. There is no Ronald Reagan on the scene today. If he were on the scene, that’s who I would put my faith in.”

    As usual, Sarah was right.

    • 06 November 2014 @ 14:59 14:59

      Josh, I was surprised to see your name. I was an avid Palinista from the get-go when C4P was watching flight plans to determine if she was McCain’s pick of VP. I share your melancholy about her reticence to run. I’m tired of waiting. The day grows short.

      I unwillingly accepted her campaigning for McLame and Roberts as part of that “dues-paying mentality” the elected set prizes. She’d tell you she did it to kick Reid out of the catbird seat and that it was a question of numbers.

      I used to think she was waiting for Piper to get out of school before moving to DC, but we don’t have that much time. Then I came to the realization that she would never ask Todd (and Trig) to move from beautiful Alaska to the concrete jungle of DC. The news that her PAC was collecting waaaay more than it was giving to candidates was esp. dispiriting.

      As for some of those mentioned above, Cruz is also married to a Goldman-Sachs VP and member of the Council for Foreign Relations. Talk about red flags. The CFR is the nerve center for the One-Global Governance cabal.

      Mike Lee looks ready for a nervous breakdown since “good guy” Mitt Romney and RINO Orrin Hatch have essentially bankrupted him and are gunning for his seat the next time out (for Mitt’s son). Lee would be an outstanding pick for the SCOTUS.

      Scott Walker is a conundrum. He’s boring, bland, but competent. He refused to listen to Commie Corpse complaints and has also advocated for the “pathway to citizenship” BS because Wisconsin employs lots of illegals in the dairy industry. However, the Establishment wants nothing to do with him (funding-wise) even though Mitt mentioned him once as one of his choices for ’16.

      Rand Paul? Not in a million years.

      Who’s left? I hope to G-d another Reagan comes out of nowhere.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        06 November 2014 @ 19:23 19:23

        President Ruthless Hardass or bust!

        The hypocrisy of trying to primary out someone like Mike Lee would be more than many could bear, not surprising at all however. But fear not! The Republicans will probably pass some sort of immigration reform with amnesty. Having done that will forever make who they put up for president purely academic.

  5. 06 November 2014 @ 17:03 17:03

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  6. 06 November 2014 @ 20:01 20:01

    I don’t know a lot about Scott Walker’s personality and presentation but anyone who can so raise the hackles of his lefty opponents and come out on top twice has to have something going for him. He may not be a dazzling President, buy maybe what you need right now is just a plain competent President.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      06 November 2014 @ 23:52 23:52

      I heard a piece of a radio interview not long after he survived the recall. He said that his success was due to plain talk about policy and why it would work. He doesn’t emphasize economic theory or ideology. He feels that most people don’t care about left/right or liberal/conservative, they just want what works. I think he has a point, most people don’t care why something works.

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