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Leftville: A Village Of Evil Idiots

29 October 2014 @ 08:59

Number 6: Where am I?

Number 2: In the Village.

Over at Protein Wisdom, Darleen Click reports the following [this is worth quoting in full]:

Hey girls, if you need a party bus with male strippers to get to the polls …

… stay home, m’kay?

Of course the Left clutched their pearls and looked for the fainting couch when a host on The Five dared suggest that some young women haven’t acquired the knowledge or experience to make an informed vote.

Yet it appears that Cosmo is proving FoxNews right by counting on getting the fluff-brains to the polls for Democrats by appealing to their libido, not their brains.

Shirtless male models and party buses are being offered to encourage female students at North Carolina State University to get out and vote during the Nov. 4 midterm elections. NC State students looking to vote will have the option of taking “a party bus equipped with snacks, prizes and shirtless male models” provided by Cosmopolitan magazine, student newspaper, Technician Online, reports. Colleges around the country were eligible for Cosmo’s contest prize, but the battleground state school is the winner.

I wonder if these girls have any clue what the phrase “bread and circuses” means?

Dead solid perfect, Darleen.

Big Bang Hunter commented:

A lot are not really serious Lefties, particularly the young millennials who are mooching off of daddy while they live in his basement and work hard to get back at him for not just saying screw it and aborting them. As soon as the roof started caving in on the Prog movement and jug ears they immediately headed for the exits….

His first sentence prompted the following thoughts…

On the Left you have the following:



-Fellow Travellers

-Criminals/Thugs on the Make


These girls are the last ones, that’s all.

To flesh out my thinking out a bit…

The Masterminds are those who direct Leftist Thought in general, who come-up with the strategies and oversee their implementation. They are the Elite of the Left, the truly Illuminated Ones, who deserve to rule, who are the ferrymen to Utopia. They are the Inner Circle of The Enlightened, the High Priests of the religion of Leftism.

The Apparatchiks are those who gladly carry-out the directives of the Masterminds, hoping to one day be allowed into the Inner Circle. They run the Bureaucracies and special interest groups. Often they are lead to believe by the Masterminds that they hold a special place in The Revolution. They are True Believers, but their Will To Power is not as strong as the Masterminds. They have a deep, psychological desire to be accepted by the Masterminds and will do anything to achieve that status.

The Fellow Travellers are those who do not run the Bureaucracies and special interest groups, but are, nevertheless, as committed as the Apparatchiks to the success of The Revolution. They operate in universities, the Business Community, the Entertainment Industry, etc.. They are, in a sense, ‘independent operators’ who can always be counted on to carry out the wishes of the Masterminds on their own initiative.

The Criminal/Thugs are people who believe in flaunting all laws and Morality to obtain whatever it is they want. They believe people who are Honest, Decent, and True are suckers. They see Life as grossly unfair and, therefore, Society is unfair. This, in their minds, justifies their active defiance of all that is Good. The Criminals/Thugs, possessed of low Animal Cunning, find that they can achieve more if they align with the Left, which rejects Absolute Truth, Morality, and Tradition in favor of a Relativism that produces Societal Chaos, because they enjoy the best conditions, they thrive, in such an atmosphere. Further, since many of the Criminal/Thugs are Psychopathic, they believe their violent desires can be more easily achieved in the climate created by the triumph of Leftist Thinking [and they are quite correct in this assessment].

The Dupes are those who reject Right Reason, who refuse to mature and carry-out their responsibilities as citizens of a Republic, who believe that the purpose of Life is seeking and enjoying pleasures. In their rejection of Right Reason, they tightly, obsessively embrace Emotion, Feeling. They naturally gravitate towards Leftism because it’s appeal is emotional and because it seeks to bring about Paradise On Earth, where all is happy and well, and where Ecstasy reigns.

It takes a village of various kinds of Evil to raze a Republic — and we’ve got them all here in America.


  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    30 October 2014 @ 02:50 02:50

    Most lefties are dupes, that doesn’t mean they wont vote lefty.

    I think there are two cohorts of millennials which I call Bush and Obama millennials. Both groups were 13-20 during these respective presidencies. The world around them has been very different. For the Bush cohort the issues swirling around them were 9/11 and the two wars but fairly good economic times. For the Obama cohort it’s been economic disaster throughout and many of them felt it first hand as one or both parents lost jobs and their kitchen economies contracted. The great recession shapes their outlooks just as the depression shaped the baby boom parents. It’s not surprising the Obama cohort sees nothing to offer from Obama or the Social Democrats. Given the enthusiasm with which the Bush cohort supported Obama and what they’ve gotten for it for them to abandon the dems and Obama or politics in general isn’t surprising either.

    If they’re going to NC State they fall into one of three groups.
    Those whose parents are well off enough to be able to pay their tuition.
    Those who are deeply in debt due to student loans.
    Those who are working through school plus some combination of one or both of the above.

  2. 30 October 2014 @ 17:09 17:09

    By the above definitions, I believe Ear Leader to be a delusional Dupe. He damned sure ain’t a Mastermind of anything except his own narcissistic hallucinations.

    • 30 October 2014 @ 18:39 18:39

      I’d give you a 100 thumbs up for that one. 😉

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