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Lefter The Molester*

28 October 2014 @ 14:14

In a recent column for PJ Media, Robert Wargas does some more peeling back of the Leftist Mind Onion to reveal just how foul-smelling and rotten it’s core is:

One lamentable feature of the contemporary West is the ruthless efficiency of the nanny state. It works overnight. You wake up, slouch over your coffee and corn flakes, and read of the new Bad Thing that must be stopped Right Now….

It is now a given in Western civilization that “law” refers to restrictions against those least in need of them. It is not criminals but users of incandescent light bulbs who must contend with the power of the state. As I said, it all happens very quickly. Smoking has acquired a taboo that was inconceivable even a decade ago. That cigarettes are obviously unhealthy for you has only made this taboo easier to impose. But there’s a ratchet effect at work here: with each restriction against the clearly unhealthy comes a restriction, not long after, against the less clearly unhealthy.

Consider the steady campaign against electronic cigarettes. Nearly every day another city or county or school district or business has banned or restricted these devices. Type “e-cigarettes” into a search engine and you will see the paternalists at work all over the world.

Electronic cigarettes are odd targets for extinction. They emit no actual smoke; the “smoker” is inhaling and exhaling a flavored water vapor that contains a bit of nicotine—or none at all, depending on the brand. This is “smoking” only in a simulated, metaphorical sense. There is no tobacco and thus no odor, no tar, and no carbon monoxide. Even if they are not completely safe—what is?—what marginal health benefit could we possibly enjoy by stamping them out?

But paternalists are concerned with symbolism as much as, if not more than, the concrete world. Not only must smoking actual cigarettes be forcibly curtailed; any replacement becomes suspect as well, since the replacement violates the spirit of the original symbolic act of saving the masses. The people have found a loophole, and such feral children must be stopped.

Those who argue for bans draw from the bottomless fount of power that comes from invoking “health,” “safety,” “animal rights,” and “the environment.” There is room in free societies for protecting and fostering each of these, but the law-abiding citizen will have noticed that these concepts are continually used to dismantle their private lives. Since every civilization relies on the use of animals and the environment for its prosperity and cultural traditions, nothing is safe if “animal rights” and “environmentalism” are enforced to their logical limits. What possibly could not be controlled or banned in their name? Since neither animals nor environments can speak for themselves, there is always an infinite number of arguments that self-appointed proxies can employ on their behalf in order to regulate or ban what the proxies don’t like.

Is this a condition peculiar to postmodern societies such as ours? How did it get this way? How did we—I should say “they”—become more concerned about bagatelle than about actual matters of life and death and criminality? I once proposed that the term “nanny state” is actually a misnomer, since nannies are employees who provide a valuable service. They can also be fired if they don’t do a good job. A better term is “molester state”: a juggernaut whose advances are most unwelcome and not so easily terminated.

Most nannies do, indeed, provide valuable services and are decent people who truly care for their charges.

‘Molester State’ is a much more appropriate term.

It seems like a combination of mole and monster. Moles bore in where they are not wanted and wreck landscapes; monsters, well, are monsters — hideous creatures who seek Normal Human Beings for the purposes of destroying their minds and bodies.

Leftism assaults both the body and mind, seeking not simply to enslave us, but to corrupt our minds so that we come to ‘love Big Brother’.

The Oxford English Dictionary has two definitions for ‘molester‘: ‘Pester or harass (someone), typically in an aggressive or persistent manner’ and ‘Assault or abuse’. They also provide the following synonyms: ‘harass, harry, hassle, pester, bother, annoy, beset, persecute, torment; informal: roust; assault, interfere with, violate’.

Every single one of those terms describes actions of the current government of The Former United States Of America.

For nearly a one hundred and fifty years, Americans have been subjected to the molestations of the Left. As is typical of most molesters, the Left In America has been grooming us, like child sexual abusers groom their prey,

When we reach adult age, they continue the abuse, but by then so many of us have become used to the abuse that we think it a normal part of Life.

It’s time we Americans wake-up and light Burning Beds all across The Fruited Plain.



  1. William Scales permalink
    28 October 2014 @ 17:42 17:42

    You know what is odd is that the non-smoking, and especially the so called reformed smoker, want to impose their control on the smoking class, no matter howl discriminating it may be. Wouldn’t it be a bit of a pun that only non-smokers’ couldn’t catch Ebola seeing how the vaccine is made from tobacco plants !!!!!


    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      28 October 2014 @ 18:27 18:27

      At the heart of the campaign against E-cigs is political correctness run amok. Smokers have already become vile ignorant creatures who won’t do what’s good for them. And who decides which things that ”aren’t good for you” should be forbidden and which should be allowed? Somebody else of course. E-cigs like home schooling are a way around the Political Correctness Totalitarians. They are a way to exist, a way to do and not do things demanded of you on your own terms without overthrowing the system. It’s defiance that galls the PCTs. If people are allowed to defy the system in these small ways they may get the silly idea that decisions about how they should live their lives were their’s to make. Can’t have that now can we? Some are charging that Big Pharma and the Big Tobacco are in league with the PCTs in suppressing E-cigs. I don’t know about that but it would be typical of the corporatism that determines so much of our Fourth Branch regulatory regime. What I do know is that E-cigs are alot cheaper than Chantix and nicotine patches,lozenges and gum.


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