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Matters Hillary – Being One With The Slime

27 October 2014 @ 14:18

I’m going to go ahead and write a bit about Hillary Rodham, even though I know it means that I’ll have to take a shower afterwards [could someone out there please invent an anti-slime Hazmat suit? The Level A's just don't cut it].

From last Friday’s The Washington Free Beacon, we learned [tip of the fedora to Darleen Click]:

At a Democratic rally in Massachusetts [BOB: Call it 'Triumph Of The Hill'], Hillary Clinton’s attempt to attack “trickle-down economics” resulted in a spectacularly odd statement.

Clinton defended raising the minimum wage, saying, “Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs–they always say that.”

She went on to say that businesses and corporations are not the job creators of America.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” Clinton said.

-First of all, if you truly think it odd that Mzzz. Rodham’s statement was unusual, you haven’t been paying attention for the last two-plus decades.

-Secondly, as Mc4ever59 comments over in Darleen’s post:

And this is what stands a good chance of being our next president.

In some ways, Hillary Rodham is smarter — possessed of more low animal cunning — than Barry Soetoro, which may make her more dangerous than the Nancy Boy Lightbringer.

Although: it might not matter if this is true because Valerie Jarrett and her Junto have actually been running the current Administration.

-Further, if, as is quite possible, President Rodham suffers a Woodrow Wilson moment and strokes-out, will her Junto be able to hush it up?

-I’ve got a feeling that Hillary Borgia will be denied the Nomination a second time. It’s just a feeling, but, in my defense, it has it’s origins of over forty years of following politics. Of course, I could be being influenced by a deep desire to see the bitch humiliated.

  1. I 53:5 Project permalink
    27 October 2014 @ 14:30 14:30

    You know that reading what you write about her requires a shower too, thanks 😉

  2. 27 October 2014 @ 14:32 14:32

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!".

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    27 October 2014 @ 15:50 15:50

    One of the ”theys” always saying that minimum wage kills jobs is the CBO.
    As I commented at the guest post ”Palin Versus Warren” if Hillary had already decided not to run she’d still being doing exactly what she’s doing now because… money.

  4. 27 October 2014 @ 17:58 17:58

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  5. 27 October 2014 @ 18:01 18:01

    The lede made me throw up in my mouth a little and I started feeling a mite diarrhea-ish until I read the part where you feel like she won’t run. I sure hope it’s more than a feeling or we are all screwed, as we might be anyway.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      27 October 2014 @ 18:13 18:13

      If the auguries tell her she shouldn’t run or she can’t because of health, that would mean she couldn’t win the general. So there’s that. However the real nightmare scenario would be for her to commit to the primary and then die early or even late in the process. I believe that’s the only scenario that makes Elizabeth Warren our next president.
      I quit drinking in 85 so…..have an extra one for me.

  6. 28 October 2014 @ 12:28 12:28

    Honestly, Shrillary looked & sounded DRUNK in that clip & other clips from that day. Or maybe she had already had a stroke or three? She falls down a lot, this had been widely known for a very long time. I’m willing to bet she’s an alkie.

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