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Looking For Hope In A Hopeless World

23 October 2014 @ 10:54

Friend In The Ether Palaeomerus expresses what many of us are thinking in the Comments section of a Protein Wisdom post:

We were warned many times about the jacobin caprice of democracy. We were told to make changes difficult and slow occurring so that greater comity was required to shift the weight of the republic than a slick demagogue riding a fad or hysteria could muster. We’ve greased the wheels and cut the brakes. Now our best hope of salvation is running out of gas or having the engine seize somewhere between here and the canyon wall.

le chandail a démêlé

I suppose there is still hope to be found in The Convention Of The States effort.

Question: Will a GOP takeover of the Senate — which we know will not produce really any of the change that is desperately needed — kill what ardor there is for the Article V Movement?

I certainly hope not, because I see this effort as the last chance we have of avoiding less peaceful means of seeking the redress of our grievances.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 October 2014 @ 13:09 13:09

    How do we keep the progressives out of this Article V convention? It seems to me that the mere existence of the left is the essence of the problem or at a minimum precludes a solution. One could argue that until the American left is fully extirpated from their current positions of influence in our Republic’s social, economic, political or cultural life there is no salvation. Even if they could be ”shoved out of the way” some how allowing us to set things aright, what then. They’d still be here, the whole process would start again.

  2. Name in Box permalink
    23 October 2014 @ 15:56 15:56

    In 2015, a budget gets passed with funding stripped out for amnesty activities. It gets vetoed, and results in a full govertment shutdown lasting as long as it takes. EBT payments stop. The media blames the fully Republican Congress. The markets implode.

    In the chaos that follows, fellow traveller moles that work in ISPs release the identities behind the IPs that frequently visit conservative news sites, just like they released conservative donor lists in California. It’s open season.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      23 October 2014 @ 17:02 17:02

      Now that could lead to an ”frank exchange of views”.

      • 26 October 2014 @ 23:59 23:59

        One that the left would most assuredly lose.


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