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Leftism: Seeding The Culture Of Death

17 October 2014 @ 11:24

The application of Leftist Thinking throughout the World, but especially in The West, since the 18th Century has brought absolutely nothing but misery and death.

Belmont Club commentator Shrieking Hysteric sums-up Leftism’s legacy succinctly and very accurately:

The left have invented a new category for deaths too this past 100 years. Death by philosophical misadventure. Death by benevolent pretension. Death by redistribution. Death by welfare. Death by gulag. Death by feminism. Death by bussing. Death by aids. Death by drugs. Death by depression. Death of great art. Death of great literature. Death of politics. Gee…carried away there, didn’t realise they were so awful. And they have built this endless death dictionary in a century. That is an astonishingly awful feat from a group that promised to end human suffering.

Like the Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Leftism eventually turns everything it touches into a gelatinous goo.

The only cure is to wipe it out, defeat it utterly.

21. In seeking the deepest roots of the struggle between the “culture of life” and the “culture of death”, we cannot restrict ourselves to the perverse idea of freedom mentioned above. We have to go to the heart of the tragedy being experienced by modern man: the eclipse of the sense of God and of man, typical of a social and cultural climate dominated by secularism, which, with its ubiquitous tentacles, succeeds at times in putting Christian communities themselves to the test. Those who allow themselves to be influenced by this climate easily fall into a sad vicious circle: when the sense of God is lost, there is also a tendency to lose the sense of man, of his dignity and his life; in turn, the systematic violation of the moral law, especially in the serious matter of respect for human life and its dignity, produces a kind of progressive darkening of the capacity to discern God’s living and saving presence.

—Pope John Paul The Great, Evangelium Vitae

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