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Leftism: The Unknown Derangement

14 October 2014 @ 10:40

Using the example of Wendy Davis, Don Surber provides us an insight into the dank, dark, and desolate environs of the Leftist Mind [picture mine]:

Lisa Wortham also said: “What I think is amazing is he’s in a wheelchair, but he has no sympathy for anyone or any way. He may have a personality disorder.”

Why all the hostility toward Greg Abbott because he is in a wheelchair?

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxFor the same reason liberals show their Klansman colors whenever someone mentions Justice Clarence Thomas or former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. For the same reason they become creepily sexist when former Governor Sarah Palin enters a room.

The struggles of Abbott, Thomas, Rice and Palin humanize them.

And so liberals demonize them rather than deal with the fact that liberal stereotypes of the disabled, of blacks and women are caricatures unworthy of any intelligent conversation about national policy.

Most liberals want to look at Republicans as aloof elitists who know nothing about life. Nothing quite says humanity than by being lectured on struggle by trust fund babies such as Jay Rockefeller, Robert Kennedy Jr. and John Kerry.

Liberals think that by being liberals they cannot be racist or sexist or ableist.

Wendy Davis has major problems. She aborted her child because the child wasn’t perfect. Sarah Palin didn’t. That explains most of the vitriolic against Missus Palin for the last 6 years.

I feel sorry for Wendy Davis. Her life is a mess. She has thought only of herself. Her lack of humanity toward or empathy for a political rival is sad more than anything else.

The lack of Empathy and Sympathy of her and her fellow Leftists is a defense mechanism set-up by them to shield them from their Nihilism.

They are all, to varying extents, haters of their own lives.

And like so many who despise themselves, they, in their horrid misery, want to drag everyone else down into their pit of Soul-ravaging Despair.

We’ve let them get away with this for much too long.

The Left has created a Culture Of Death and we have a Duty, to our Posterity and to the God who gave us Life, to Restore what the Left has sought to destroy.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    14 October 2014 @ 23:03 23:03

    She’s still defending the ad claiming that people now know what a hypocrite he is or some such nonsense. The truly stupid part is that if she wanted to portray him as mean and unfeeling by citing examples of when he’s fought damage awards she didn’t to point out his injury to make it.

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