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‘And Yes, Obama Will Go All “Captain Queeg” On The Country’

11 October 2014 @ 01:05

If the GOP takes control of the Senate, Roger Simon thinks that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’* is going to go Postal:

This man is angry but highly unlikely to go into an anger management program.  Imagine what will happen after November.  We could be looking at behavior that would fit the very definition of “acting out,” anti-social but on a global scale.  And he still has two more years in office.

Do I exaggerate?  I hope so, but I fear not.  We have to be alert. Anything could happen. Remember:  Obama is currently fighting ISIS against his will and only for electoral purposes.  When the election is over, and  especially if he loses, all bets are off. The man who made the apology tour throughout the Islamic world and was best friends with Islamists Morsi and Erdogan could reappear as never before. What that could mean could be any number of things, but none of them good. The Global War on Terror could become another example of “work-place violence” in an instant. Kurds and Israelis better beware.

The Environmental Protection Agency could become a virtual American gestapo, changing the fabric of our lives, while all sorts of rules and regulations pour down, impoverishing America in the name of income inequality or the all-important “fairness.”

Look for the race card to be played as never before.  A man like Obama would much prefer to blame the color of his skin for his failures than his policies.  Then he would have to evaluate himself.

PJ Media commentator Subotai Bahadur replies:

…if the Republicans win the Senate, they will not seriously challenge Obama and the Democrats. It would be against everything they believe and have done for a generation.

And yes, Obama will go all “Captain Queeg” on the country. But he is going to do that anyway. There is no combination of acts of submission by this country that will prevent that. Take both the above as given.

There is still a matter that no one wants to talk about. When the Institutional Republican Party collaborates with, instead of opposes, the Democrats; what will the Conservative/TEA Party base do?

The Republicans will have no more credibility with that base. Either formally and loudly, or softly and slipping away, they will leave. Something approximating a new party will form, if the situation is such that electoral politics still exist.

This will not be a full fledged Third Party, because it will in fact be a Second Party in actual opposition to what will either be a Democrat/Republican coalition or a formally merged Democrat-rump Republican party.

Anything is possible at that point, inside and outside of electoral politics. It WILL be treacherous, but on a multi-front basis. Democrats will try to seize power, forever. Republicans will try to stay part of the Governing Party. And both will be at open war with the Conservative/TEA Party coalition and it will be returned with a bitterness more appropriate to Kansas and Missouri from 1855-1861.

The Mandate of Heaven has been withdrawn, and there will be disorder until it is re-established, no matter who “wins” any putative election next month.

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166With The Jarrett Junto in Power And Control, anything — anything, as we’ve learned the hard way — is possible.

And why wouldn’t they kick it up a notch?  They’ve gotten away with pretty much everything they wanted to.  Add into that mix a dose of anger that more people haven’t bowed down before their brilliance and fellated them after six years of magick and miracles and what gets produced is dangerous.

People throughout History have long been caught unprepared because they believed that the loss of their Liberty would come over the course of an extended period of time.  And History has seen that as a challenge to move events in an instant.

*’Barack Hussein Obama’ is a fictional character
created by David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett,
Bill Ayers, Barry Soetoro, etc…

  1. Richard Blaine permalink
    11 October 2014 @ 02:06 02:06

    What would there be to stop him?

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    11 October 2014 @ 16:54 16:54

    Actually having the house and the senate gives the congress the actual power of the purse rather than the theoretical power the house has had since 2010. Now obviously the notion that the Republicans have either the integrity or intestinal fortitude to exercise this power is just plain silly.

    Since 2010 for the Republican house to use it’s power of the purse it had to either put language in spending bills that prohibited spending on X,Y or Z or leave out language appropriating funds for X,Y or Z. Once this legislation got to the senate the prohibitive language was striped out or the omitted funding reinserted. The spending bill then goes back to the house where they can either hold their noses and pass it or let it sit there unpassed while being blamed for shutting down part or all of the government. Shutting down the government once or twice a year is something, I personally am a big fan of. Be that as it may it doesn’t have to work that way if the Republicans take (i believe they will) the senate.

    If the house and senate don’t want funding for any given department or policy they merely have to omit authorization and appropriation from the budgets they pass leaving Obama with the option of signing the bill or vetoing it not for what it contains but for what it does not. Of course the Republicans will be blamed for forcing Obama to do “mean things” to whoever benefits from the funding contained in the vetoed bill. However if overused that line will get old. One way to mitigate that pitfall is by breaking spending bills into as small and narrowly scoped bills as is practicable. Yearly budget authorization and appropriations bill are supposed to be divided into eight or twelve separate bills. Most people don’t remember this because we haven’t passed budgets in years. Obviously the courage of the Republicans is not something to be relied on but if they wanted to wield it taking the senate does give them some real power. I would not be at all surprised if CRs rather than budgets are used to fund the government for at least the rest of this administration.

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