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When Narcissism Becomes Deadly

05 October 2014 @ 19:50

What you get is as Stacy McCain describes:

After 9/11, a lot of liberal hand-wringers kept asking, “Why do they hate us?” What have we done, liberals asked, that has inspired the kind of hatred that would cause people to hijack jetliners and crash them into skyscrapers? Implicit in such questions was the naïve idea that, if our policy was to blame for their hatred of us, then by changing our policy — choosing a policy of peace — we could end their hate. This was the meaning of the question, “Why do they hate us?”

BECAUSE THEY HATE, answered Brigitte Gabriel in her 2006 book.

This is not about us, this is about them — the people who hate us, the people who want to kill us all. It is a narcissistic delusion for liberals to believe that somehow we have caused Muslims to hate us when, in point of fact, the Koran and other Islamic scriptures command them to hate us. The texts that Muslims consider sacred order them to kill us all, and promise the greatest blessings for those martyred Muslim warriors who die while pursuing Mohammed’s murderous commandments.

As I’ve written many, many times: you cannot consider yourself Muslim unless you believe in this, because The Koran is the direct word of Allah and cannot be questioned.  There can be no Moderate Islam, in the sense we understand moderation.  There is no gray.

There is only one way to handle such deranged people.  Stacy understands:

We cannot negotiate with this hate. We cannot compromise with this hate. No policy of ours will permit us to co-exist in peace with this hate. We cannot choose peace when Islam chooses war, and we cannot hope that “tactical air strikes” will suffice to defeat their deadly hatred. The only option left to us is to give them war without limits, war without mercy, a determined, relentless and unceasing war that will not be satisfied with anything less than complete victory over these murdering Muslim monsters who want to kill us all.

Dead solid perfect.

The Mohammedins will always be at War as long as any Infidels live.

The longer those in Power And Control do not realize this, the many more innocents will be murdered by these Servants Of Evil.

‘Servants Of Evil’?

TOM commentator TheOtherAndrewB explains:

When God called Abraham, Noah and Moses to make covenants with Him, he summoned them to a mountaintop. When Christ was transfigured, when He offered up a new understanding of divine law in the Sermon on the Mount and again when He was crucified, it was on a mountaintop. God calls us upwards to be in His presence. When Mohammed was summoned, it was into a dark hole in the ground. Who or what was summoning him? Answer that, and the question of hate answers itself.

Friend In The Ether McGehee supplements:

I have half-seriously suggested Mohammed’s summoner had previously appeared in Gospel, offering Jesus power and glory on earth during the latter’s 40 days in the desert.

The Nazarene passed, but a few centuries later an illiterate goat herder signed on.

And nothing — not a blessed thing — Good has ever come out Islam.

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