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Ebola: Beware The Modern Witch Doctors

02 October 2014 @ 15:26

Richard Fernandez is dead solid perfect:

But while restrictions may in some cases be necessary, the first line of defense against Ebola, and other diseases whether natural or man-made, is personal responsibility, scientific knowledge and common sense. It is culture. It is education. Education, not a diploma.

Washing your hands and avoiding occasions of exposure will help you more than all the public assurances in the world. If you suspect infection, do your duty and turn yourself in. Odd word that: duty. But duty is what saved the herd in history; saved the herd in World War 2. The very same duty the Left laughs at and and lumps in the same dustbin of history as that 100 year old document that nobody reads any more. And science. Not affirmative action or quota or “committed” science. But science, period. Duty and science, not amulets, voodoo, talk shows, assurances, security theater or muted alarms can stop Ebola.

We need to rid ourselves of superstition. There’s a reason why people stopped believing in Gaia, Xenu and Coatlicue. The modern return of witchcraft has brought with it the ancient diseases and human savagery. It’s time to return to the 21st century. We’ve been absent too long.

The Leftist Masterminds are, all-in-all, not very smart, but they all do possess low, animal cunning.

So, when they kill God in someone’s mind, they also, in an effort to leave no witnesses for their Souls, murder His companions, two of which are Common Sense and Right Reason.

Out of this bloody homicide scene comes the Truth that those who do not believe in God will believe in anything. Strip away a person’s facility for properly assessing information and for interpreting events and you are left with Superstition and Whim. Strip away that innate understanding what things are worthy of caution and suspicion and, more than likely, rejection, and you are left with Gullibility and Rank Naivete. The control of of the rudder of one’s soul is under the sole control of the emotions, so the course of Life taken is Chaotic, often meandering, and always, ultimately, aimless.

Yet, Man must believe in something – it is hard-wired into every Human Soul this desire for Transcendence.

Right Reason and Common Sense tell one that it can only be aimed at and not achieved because Man is a fallen creature, but one takes satisfaction in knowing that the Creator loves each and every one of His children and is a forgiving Father.

The person who forsakes God seeks Transcendence anywhere his emotions at that moment tell him he has found it. And, if what he has found proves to not satisfy [as it always, eventually, does], he moves on to another. Such a person is like a serial womanizer – jumping from bed to bed searching for a lasting satisfaction that never comes. Yet, stripped of his Right Reason, this type of person becomes more convinced as he goes along that Perfection in the here and now is possible. This happens because, as his desperation grows, his lack of restraints on his actions push him into a more intense state of Fanaticism. In such a rabid state, every other person can, without Guilt, be trampled underfoot. In such a rabid state, the concept of Duty holds no place.

Some Enlightenment, eh?

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    02 October 2014 @ 16:35 16:35

    As Ol’Remus says stay away from crowds.

    • mysterian permalink
      02 October 2014 @ 20:29 20:29

      but will the crowds stay away from you?

  2. neal permalink
    02 October 2014 @ 17:44 17:44

    Everything is being fruitful and multiplying. Kind of all that health and safety and metaphysical being the same thing. Funny how a proud and fallen piece of code looks serpentine, no? Funny how that affects behavior, and that comes down to leave nothing standing, burn it, take nothing. Not safe.
    Clean and unclean. I wish the gatekeepers in charge of pandemics were exorcists.
    There was sometimes when sanitation and purity control were just two sides of the same intention.

  3. 03 October 2014 @ 00:07 00:07

    I get your point, but, unfortunately, “do your duty” and “wash your hands” only goes this far with the under-5 set. The best defense in quarantine.


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