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Lies, Damned Lies, And Hoaxes

30 September 2014 @ 14:47

Ed Driscoll, with some help from the venerable Tom Wolfe, sets the record straight quite succinctly:

Tom Wolfe once wrote that “the greatest hoax of modern history” occurred when “Russia’s ruling ‘socialist workers party,’ the Communists, established themselves as the polar opposites of their two socialist clones, the National Socialist German Workers Party (quicknamed ‘The Nazis’) and Italy’s Marxist-inspired Fascisti, by branding both as ‘the fascists,’” which quickly led to those two socialist clones as being described, per Stalin’s orders, as “right wing” for the rest of the 20th century with very little in the way of effective pushback from limited-government conservatives and libertarians until recent years. The Democrats’ ongoing efforts to offload their shameful racist past onto the GOP has to run a close second. Don’t let them get away with it.

Sadly, we already have, which makes the job of getting the Truth to be heard, understood, and absorbed so much the harder.

What makes our situation even worse is that there is not much time left [if there is any at all and I’m just being too hopeful].

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    30 September 2014 @ 18:35 18:35

    To a large extent they’ve already succeeded in branding the Republicans or anyone who opposes their agenda as racist with perhaps 20 or 30 percent of the populace. That would be the percentage of the country that is truly TWANLOC. As for the rest who would mouth that as a generality don’t actually believe it when it gets down to cases. As for TWANLOC, well we don’t need them around anyhow.


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