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Derelictions Of Duties

25 September 2014 @ 19:51

Well, well, well…

From the Editorial Board of Investor’s Business Daily, we learn [tip of the fedora to GeoffB and Instapundit]:

The president launches attacks on the Islamic State with two weapons systems that were targeted for elimination by the administration years before their usefulness ended or any replacements were ready.

As the Washington Post reported, the first strikes Monday night included a volley of 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles from two warships, the guided missile destroyer Arleigh Burke and the guided missile cruiser Philippine Sea. They are part of the George H.W. Bush carrier battle group led by the aircraft carrier of the same name.

Obama-IndianKid-DoucheNozzleThe problem, as we reported back in March, is that the Tomahawk was slated by Obama to be phased out of the Navy’s inventory, with no timely replacement ready. Under his budget proposals, the Navy, which as recently as last year had plans to buy 980 more Tomahawks, the primary cruise missile used throughout the fleet, would see purchases drop from 196 last year to just 100 in 2015. The number will then drop to zero in 2016.

Doing the math, we see that Obama has already consumed in one night of strikes 47% of next year’s planned purchases. The naval inventory will soon be depleted at this rate unless we crank up the arsenal of democracy and stop beating our swords into solar panels. As Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker calculates, the U.S. supply of roughly 4,000 Tomahawks would be exhausted in about 85 days at that rate of use.

A Syrian campaign is going to be tougher than the effort in Libya, where there was no sophisticated air defense weaponry to worry about, which is why the Air Force chose to use the F-22 Raptor for the first time in combat. Its ability to evade radar detection plus its high-speed maneuverability make it ideal for high-risk environments.

Yet F-22 production was capped at 187 in the defense cuts that were part of the fiscal 2010 budget.

In 2009, Obama said expanding the F-22’s procurement budget would be “an inexcusable waste of money” and Congress took away $1.75 billion for additional planes in the 2010 budget. The last F-22 rolled off the production line in 2011.

Another “Cold War” weapon, as Obama calls it, that was slated for the scrap heap but which will be used against the Islamic State is the A-10 Warthog, which entered service in 1972 and was designed to destroy Soviet tanks on a European battlefield. According to Business Insider, the Pentagon is to deploy a dozen A-10s to the Middle East in October, the Indiana National Guard reports.

The issue is not just boots on the ground, but whether we have enough boots, or anything else, under Obama’s unilateral disarmament.

This is, foreign policy / national security wise, the lamest Administration in History.

The American People are in a more dangerous situation now than they have ever been – greater than in The War Of 1812, in the 1930′s-1940′s, and during The Cold War.

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166The Jarrett Junto has accomplished in six short years what our past enemies were never able to do.

It’s Treason Within.

Americans will die because this Nancy Boy man-child has severely damaged our national defense capabilities.

And the Congress doesn’t care.

They are derelict in their Duty as long as they will not Impeach this Treasonous Rat Bastard.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    25 September 2014 @ 22:36 22:36

    While I’m under no illusions that Republicans taking the senate is any where near salvation I’d hope that they’d revive funding things like the Tomahawk. They can attach the funding to the general defense funding and Obama would have to sign. Just keeping a running tally of how many are used would be enough to convince the public.

    • 26 September 2014 @ 10:30 10:30

      If they do it that way they’d better do it in mid-2015 and make it good until after the 2016 elections — otherwise Obama will veto it and try to blame the Republicans for shutting down the Pentagon.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        26 September 2014 @ 17:49 17:49

        Vetoing the defense budget would be very different than Clinton’s budget vetoes from the 90’s. Clinton’s justified his vetos due to cuts to programs. Obama would have to justify veto added funding for a military resource that we are using frequently and exhausting the supply with no plan to get more. Even if Obama was stupid enough to do that he wouldn’t risk getting overridden in a vote that would have to include some Democrats.

        • 26 September 2014 @ 20:27 20:27

          I really think Biden is the smartest member of this administration. Anything is possible.


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