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The First Recourse Of The Left

24 September 2014 @ 20:11

Mike Hendrix, proprietor of Cold Fury, is [once again*] asking some questions of the Left In America† that get right to the heart of the matter.

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxHere are two of them [tip of the fedora to Doug Ross]:

Why is it that you, who have gone to great lengths to falsely hang Naziism around the necks of the Right forever, cling to fascism yourselves as not your last but your first response to any whiff of dissent from your opinions?…

Why is it that the very people who once claimed that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”–a phrase they falsely attribute to Jefferson, who never said any such thing–will brook no dissent whatever, preferring instead to openly and loudly call for the imprisonment of those few they can’t shout down?

Leftism is an Ideology.  Therefore, it is a system of ideas created in the sterile laboratories of the minds of people who are dissatisfied with Life as it is, with Reality.

With great care and with much emotional investment, these Intellectuals construct plans for remaking the world into Heaven On Earth, a destination of Perfection.

Such creations are always fragile constructions because they do not figure into their calculations Human Nature, because they assume without question that Human Beings can be made Perfect, faultless and flawless — that we can all become gods.  Since this belief is based on pure Fantasy, it can never stand scrutiny by Right Reason, nor can it withstand the Will of the Human Heart to remain Human.

Knowing deep down — in a part of their Souls that they refuse to acknowledge — that this is true and that all of their systems of ideas are, therefore, brittle and fragile, the Left will do everything and anything in it’s power to crush any dissension from their plans to fulfill their Utopian schemes, because the thwarting of their dreams will cause their whole, fantastically constructed world, their psyches, to collapse in a eternal heap of absolute Despair.

This is why the Left can so easily seek to consign us to the asylums, the Gulags and the gas chambers.

*I do not link Mike enough.  His site is one of those that
is worth visiting on a regular basis because of the vast
insights he has into Human Nature and his very deep
understanding of the Leftist Mind.

†I call those Leftists who live here the ‘Left In America’
because they and their ideas are an alien presence, their
philosophy quite clearly un-American, foreign to our

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