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Sound Advice From @RSMcCain – Take The Crazies Seriously

20 September 2014 @ 00:35

Though they may be insane or deranged, we should always take the more ‘eccentric’ members of the Left, especially it’s Intellectuals, seriously, as Stacy McCain reminds us:

While producing the “Sex Trouble” series about radical feminism’s war on human nature, I have frequently deployed my habitual sarcasm to mock the absurdity of feminist beliefs. However, no one should assume from my cheerful good humor that I do not take this project seriously. As crazy as feminists may seem, as laughably wrong as their ideas may be, they are extremely serious in their purpose to destroy traditional morality in our society. They and their allies have seized power in the elite precincts of academia and have used that power to influence every institution of our society, from the Supreme Court to your local public school. If you don’t understand what is happening, and in what direction our society is heading, you have not been paying attention.

My advice to anyone who has been ignoring this menace is to wake the hell up. There may still be time to save our nation from destruction.

Let us not forget that many did not take the odd looking and acting Adolf Hitler seriously and he ended-up being responsible for the deaths of tens of millions.

  1. rkae permalink
    20 September 2014 @ 20:46 20:46

    The biggest problem our culture has is that our parents’ generation DID NOT take the crazies seriously. They assumed the fringe would always be on the fringe, so they calmly went on with their “nuts and bolts” careers, while the loonies took over art, education and media… and here we are.


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